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  • Deep

    Photographer Mark Tipple dove beneath breaking waves in order to capture the contorted poses and expressions of ocean swimmers. Learn more about his series, The Underwater Project (on Facebook), by reading an interview with Tipple at "Galleries We Like: The Underwater Project."

  • Dust

    "After being involved in the ocean for close to my whole life, it's so interesting to see how people interact with breaking waves."

  • Envelope

    "There can be a sense of arrogance or anger as the wave passes, or complete panic that results in terrified expressions."

  • Escape

    "The series is basically an observation of what people do underwater."

  • Frozen

    "I'm sure I've pulled my fair share of funky facial expressions or weird poses while swimming or surfing in the past."

  • Moment

    "Again, it just really interests me to see what other people do while underwater."

  • Parachute

    "I've had a number of emails over the years from people saying that one of the photos reminded them of a time from their youth when they visited the beach."

  • Pause

    "They have thanked me for bringing back that memory, which is something I never considered when I started swimming with a camera."

  • Piano

    "I think every photographer wants to have their photos make an impact or leave an impression to some degree."

  • Womb

    "If the underwater series can assist people in remembering a happy time from their past, then I'd consider that an amazing end result from a few mistimed poundings and overestimated breath holds."

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