This Life Goes to 11

Happy New Year! We're here to light a fire under your ass. Join ultrarunner Dean Karnazes and kick the year off by going Thoreau, snuffing stress, playing more, giving back, eating right, and keeping fit enough to nail any adventure.


Scale of happiness: 11     Photo: Ture Lillegraven

Now's the time to dial in your perfect world, one with stronger fitness, less stress, more fun, better health, and all the adventure you can handle. Sound too good to be true? Let endurance king Dean Karnazes and our five-part action plan guide you to greatness—then get ready for your best year ever.

If your body is where you want it, the rest will follow
The Dean Machine:
Meet Dean Karnazes, whose morning routine includes running 20 miles before breakfast
The Conscientious Ingestor:
Dietary solutions to bloated belly, the 4 P.M. meltdown, and more
The Best Offense:
Four exercises that strengthen your defenses against injury
Run the Numbers:
Has your performance plateaued? Visit the data doctor.
Don't Be a Working Stiff:
Add some easy energizing action to your workday habits

Acting on your wanderlust will work wonders
Give Yourself a Hall Pass & Spread the Love:
Create more time off and include an altruistic mission
Commit to a Yearly Expedition & Rent Globally:
Kayak in Uruguay, or rent a house in Croatia

Scale back to go big
Thoreau Knows:
Walden is the bible of minimalism
Help Yourself:
Easy first steps to simplifying your life

Because a little bit of effort can make a world of difference
It's Good for You:
Givers live longer and lead healthier, less stressful lives
Share Your Sport:
Whether your passion is ice climbing, sailing, or cycling, share it with someone

To reach your new peak, relax
Tame Your Worry & Bring Sex Back:
Enough said really
Cheat on Your Yoga Teacher:
A 20-minute yoga session that you can do at home

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