This We Like, 1-5

Rubber boots, mugs, USAPCC     Photo: Hester + Hardaway

1. Burly rubber boots
All the Alaskans we know wear Servus’s Xtratufs. $129.

2. Cheap coffee mugs
Like the one with the perma-stain and the lid you never lost because you tethered it to the handle with that bit of now filthy P-cord.

3. Dutch ovens
Not everything tastes better in the backcountry, but cinnamon rolls, lasagna, and apple cobbler sure as hell do. GSI Outdoors’ Hard-Anodized Dutch oven cooks almost as evenly as cast iron but weighs a third as much. $110.

Ice shanties. Treehouses. Stone alpine huts. Totally safe for work.

5. USA Pro Cycling Challenge
The throngs of fanatical fans atop our favorite Colorado mountain passes. Levi Leipheimer’s win. The star-studded field. Just listening to Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett talk about how much they love Vail and Aspen. We could go on. 

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