This We Like, 16-20

Snickers, sporks, terrible cover bands

Snickers     Photo: Inga Hendrickson

16. Snickers
You pull out your fancy energy bar. Your buddy pulls out a king-size Snickers. And you think, damn, I shoulda brought one of those.

17. Sporks

18. Industrial-strength sleeping pads
Bed down like rafters do: NRS’s Paco pads are puncture-resistant, redonkulously thick/heavy/big, and completely awesome. $200.

19. Terrible cover bands
Especially the ones found at the bar at the base of your favorite ski resort starting at about 3 P.M.—sporting Hawaiian shirts, gyrating their hips during extended guitar solos, and tearing into Billy Joel and Don Henley with reckless abandon. We salute you, Saturday afternoon heroes. 

20. The other black ice
The hard, smooth, strong kind that miraculously forms on small lakes and sheltered coves and makes for ideal ice skating, hockey, or just slip-sliding around.

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