This We Like, 43-47

L.L. Bean, getting "inter-lodged," the U.P.

L.L. Bean snowshoes

L.L. Bean snowshoes     Photo: Inga Hendrickson

43. L.L. Bean
Because of its awesome return policy. Because it still sells hand-sewn moccasins and old-school snowshoes ($329). Because it has never cared about being cool.

44. Getting “inter-lodged”
A rare, maybe five-times-a-year occurrence at the adjoining resorts of Snowbird and Alta, in Utah, when there’s so much new snow that they don’t allow you to leave the lodge. Because when the avalanche danger is mitigated and the restriction is lifted and you’re once again free to leave, you’ll be in powder heaven, with the day-trippers stuck on the other side of a closed road for a couple of hours at least. 

45. Ski boots that don’t hurt
Or cause your toes to go numb after three runs. Achieving this level of comfort may require a boot wizard. Find one at

46. The U.P.

47. Fancy cycling bibs
Like all the absurdly expensive models made by Assos (from $180). They’ll change your whole undercarriage situation. Unless it’s really grim—then add the chamois cream ($20).

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