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Aleksander Doba, telemark bumper stickers, local ski hills

Aleksander Doba

Aleksander Doba     Photo: Grayson Schaffer

53. Aleksander Doba
He is a 65-year-old Polish adventurer who last year paddled across the Atlantic in a 23-foot-long sea kayak. The 3,345-mile journey took him 98 days and 20 hours. Up next: the Pacific.

54. "Your Girlfriend Cares That I Tele" bumper stickers 

55. Local ski hills
Like Jackson, Wyoming’s Snow King, where a season pass costs $150, one-tenth as much as the going rate at the town’s better-known resort. 

56. Excerpts from gear reviews
Ones we didn’t have room to print, like this from legendary tester Dave Cox: “There’s an old saying in Wisconsin, mostly said by old Wisconsinites: ‘The only thing you can do with a pair of gloves on is pee in your pants.’ I thought about this while wearing Sierra Designs’ Transporter ($79) last winter. At some point while zipping up my bibs, it dawned on me: No way, I’m not taking my gloves off for this!”

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