This We Like, 58-63

Guilty pleasures, the sun's first rays, anoraks

The Original Stormy Kromer wool cap     Photo: Courtesy of Stormy Kromer

58. Guilty pleasures
Including, but not limited to: clipping ski tickets; grease bombs; yoga pants; rolling your own cigarettes on an expedition (the only time it’s OK to smoke); poaching hot tubs; big frickin’ bonfires. 

59. Running
No pumping or priming or bleeding or tinkering. Just put on your shoes and go. 

60. The sun’s first rays
That amazing feeling you get when they finally hit you on a very cold morning at a campsite.

61. Swimming goggles
In every bag you ever pack. You never know when you might want to stick your head in a lake/tidepool/puddle and have a look around. 

62. Anoraks
They’re back. Again. 

63. The original wool Stormy Kromer cap
It’s a bit Elmer Fuddish, especially with the earflaps down, and you might see the occasional hipster rocking one. But so what? $35.

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