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THE CONVERSION: "Before they ever walked into our warehouse, about 95 percent of our staff had a background in endurance sports," says the retailer's COO, Nik Hobbs. To encourage even more positive habits, TriSports awards $5 in store credit for every hour of volunteer work, worth up to $10,000 per year. "In December we visited a local park and handed out 100 sack lunches to the homeless that we'd loaded into our Burley trailers," says HR manager Susan Meeker.


We carry the highest-quality triathlon equipment, triathlon gear, triathlon apparel, and all of the hard-to-find necessities that every triathlete needs, including triathlon wetsuits, bike travel cases, aero race wheels, hydration systems, aerobars, triathlon-specific clothing, and much more. We are also an industry leader in both road-bike and triathlon-bike fitting.

Each year we set company-wide or department-wide goals. The goal can encompass sales, commuting miles, volunteer hours, and return rates, to name a few. If the goal has been met, the rewards for each employee have ranged from a cash payout to a four-night cruise for two. Ten percent of net profits are split among eligible employees who have worked with the company for eight months or more. An employee's portion of the profit is based on how much they make and how long they have been with the company. The plan is designed to reward those that have been with the company longer and helped its growth.

Being a triathlon store, our business is centered around health and fitness. We encourage every employee to participate in either triathlons or other endurance events. We offer organized group runs and bike rides from the shop on a weekly basis, and we have a spin class once a week after store hours. also has a bike commuter program in place that encourages employees to bike to work. We have a dual-lane "endless" swimming pool, treadmill, and stationary bike trainers for employees to use. We also have a full locker room with shower where employees can shower before starting or returning to work.

We compensate employees $5 in store credit for every hour they volunteer in the community, with a company cap at 2,000 volunteer hours per calendar year. This is not paid time off, but giving a triathlete money to spend in a tri store is big.

With our Green Box Program, our customers are able to opt for a used box for their shipment. We also participate in Soles for Souls to recycle used shoes to others in need. We send all of our used bike parts to Resource Revival to make awards, clocks, and other art items. We reuse all packaging material when possible, and our recycle bin is four times larger than our garbage dumpster. We also use compact fluorescent lighting throughout most of the building; provided natural light in all workplace areas; purchased furniture made from recycled materials and/or able to be recycled after use; installed recycled carpet; installed super low-e glass throughout our storefront; multiple-zone air conditioning so areas of the building that aren't in use can be turned off; and dual light controls in office areas to minimize light usage.

Every year we host a triathlon where 100 percent of the proceeds are donated to charity—75 percent to the Challenged Athletes Foundation and the other 25 percent to the local Show Low Youth Recreation and Sports Foundation. This year through Pyramid Coaching we donated 10 bikes for the Jr. El Tour program to help underactive kids develop an enthusiasm for health and fitness through learning to ride bikes. We set up an aid station at the Ironman Arizona race and for doing so recieve $500 to be donated to our chairity of choice.

OFFICE CULTURE has seen a tremendous amount of growth in its 8 1/2 years, and as we've grown we have always tried and most often succeeded in promoting people from within the company to new management and supervisory positions that open. Many employees work for us because they like the culture and the lifestyle we provide and they have a love for the sport. We have a "Fun Squad" that plans events for both the employees and their families. Our biggest asset is the feeling of family within our culture. Most of our employees are involved in either triathlon, biking, swimming, or a related sport; therefore we find ourselves working, training and playing together, yet manage to maintain the level of respect needed to maintain and grow a company. At, any two individuals can engage in a conversation about how some facet of the company should work; it speaks volumes for morale and company retention. Ours truly is an open-door environment. has attracted a very diverse group of people, from students to doctors to former business owners to architects to scientists to engineers. We don't just sell things to promote a healthy lifestyle—we live that healthy lifestyle.

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