Dive the Great Barrier Reef

Or, better yet, somewhere just beyond its edge with just as many fish, but fewer bug-eyed tourists

You’ll have a better view than this. Via Shutterstock     Photo: tororo reaction

The Great Barrier Reef has been called the only living thing that can be seen from space—a complex collage of interlocking coral stretching 1,250 miles along Australia’s northeast coast. It’s also been called the best diving in the world. The best of the best? Remote coral-ringed Lizard Island, 17 miles off the coast at the Great Barrier Reef’s northern tip, home to 1,500 species of fish, but only 80 resort guests, a few coral researchers at a field station, and maybe a hearty camper. Snorkel the inner reef just steps from an open-plan villa, or take a 50-minute boat ride to the outer reef to plunge into shark alley and the famed Cod Hole. Afterwards visit the resort spa or lounge on one of the island’s 24 white sand beaches. At $1,444 a day, all-inclusive, the resort isn’t cheap, but hey, that’s why they call this thing a bucket list.

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