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Might be on your list...

Might be on your list... via Shutterstock     Photo: DJ Mattaar

At Outside, we get paid to sit around a large oak conference room table and dream up lists like this one. It's one of the coolest parts of our job. We pull ideas from our own past trips, friends and family, and freelancers who utter static bursts of genius through our speaker phone. (Thank you Frederick Reimers.) Occassionally, we get the chance to leave the office and do some of the things we conjure up. That's another cool part of our job. For example, senior editor Grayson Schaffer just took off for Everest for six weeks to report live from Base Camp. He'll be sharing his experiences by writing dispatches, editing video, and publishing photos on our new Everest page. We understand a few of you might by snickering right now and thinking, "Sure, but I don't have the money to cover such an expense." That's why we've put together the Outside Adventure Grant. Submit your ultimate adventure online and we'll pick our favorite with the help of our fans, then hand the winner over a $10,000 endowment. We only ask one thing in return, that you team up with us to publish your epic quest, because sharing stories is hands down the coolest part of our job, and you should experience the feeling that results from that too. What are you waiting for? Grab some friends, find a table, and start dreaming.

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