Sail the Turkish Coast on a Gulet

Hike, explore, swim, and leave the dirty work to the crew

Not a bad craft. Via Shutterstock     Photo: Marc van Vuren

Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is littered with archeological sites, many of which are accessible only by coastal trails. Charter one of Turkey’s iconic gullets—twin-masted, 100-foot wooden sailboats—and hop from site to site, anchoring nights in deserted coves and diving overboard to cool off after the rugged hikes. Show up in the coastal town of Antalya in September, after most European tourists have gone home because of the cooling temps, and with some bargaining you should be able to hire an entire 4-cabin gulet for $400/day including a captain, cook, and crewmember. Sleep on deck and then spend the morning hiking to sites like Simena, a crusader castle and then spend the afternoon sailing to the next azure cove. Be sure to snorkel the 2,400-year old sunken city of Aperlea, which probably subsided in an earthquake—marble buildings still contain terracotta floor tiles. For their 10-day charters, Geographic Expeditions carefully vets charter boats for luxury and quality of the crew—including experts in archeology (starting at $6,410/person).

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