Skiing the Himalayas

According to CHRIS DAVENPORT, big-mountain skier who climbed and skied all 54 of Colorado’s 14,000-foot peaks in a single year


K2     Photo: SVY123/Wikipedia

Ski the 14ers Movie Trailer, Chris Davenport's Red Bull Ski Project

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Probably the most difficult thing left to do on skis is to go down all 8,000-meter peaks in Himalayas. Only 14 people have climbed them all. Nobody has skied K2, but I see that happening within the next few years. People have died trying, but nobody has skied all of them. Frederik Erickson, a Swedish skier, was killed trying to ski K2. Dave Watson didn’t get it from the summit but he was able to ski a lot of the mountain. There are younger generations, guys without families who are willing to take risks that those of us with families won’t anymore.

I think that to accomplish it, it will have to be done by a local guy. Somebody who knows the snow and trailheads. Or by somebody with partners on the ground who can tell them where to go. Another Swede, Andreas Fransson, may be the guy to pull it off. Better technology will help, but the thing with technology is no matter how advanced it is, you can never overcome Mother Nature. Nobody can predict the snowpack.

Airbags are a big thing now. What about an airbag that just doesn’t keep you above the snow but actually lifts you right out of everything. They already have jet packs. You just have a personal jet pack that gets you in and out of dangerous situations. But if there were something to teleport you right out of things it would probably change the meaning of the accomplishment.

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