Surf the Maldives

Empty breaks and all the fixings


The lineup via Shutterstock     Photo: Willyam Bradberry

Only 250 of the Maldives’ 1200 islands are inhabited, which means no one is going to be fighting you for the swell steaming up the Indian Ocean from Antarctica and peeling onto the archipelago’s maze of reefs and point breaks, except for maybe a few dolphins. Especially not if you sign up for a week on Tropicsurf’s 128-foot, triple-deck yacht, the Four Season’s Explorer. “Our goal is empty line ups,” says Tropicsurf’s Jennifer Edwards. They ensure it by motoring through the night. “We can literally go to any break in the country overnight to maximize surf time by day,” says Edwards. “Then, at the break, our two guides and two high speed tenders can see to it that one group is surfing chest high longboard waves while five minutes away the others are pulling into 6 foot barrels.” The cruise originates from the Four Seasons Resort at Kuda Huraa, and is essentially an extension of the luxury hotel. It offers nine staterooms, a suite, hot tub, lounge, and restaurant staffed by Four Seasons chefs. If you get tired of paddling into empty waves, go scuba diving, stand-up paddleboarding, or get a massage ($9,800).

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