Surfing a 100-Foot Wave

According to surfer GARRETT McNAMARA, who has ridden some of the biggest waves in the world

Giant Ocean Wave

Jaws, in Maui, where waves reach heights of more than 50 feet via Shutterstock     Photo: Epic Stock Media

Garrett McNamara rides 90 Foot Wave! (Full Video) New World Record

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There is no question that the next biggest thing to happen in surfing will be someone riding the elusive 100-foot wave. Probably sooner than later. Maybe in Cortez; during November or December. There are also a lot of spots in Europe, Alaska, or Patagonia where it could happen. But you need the perfect conditions. To create a big enough wave, you need a monster storm to hit a location where the ocean floor has a deep channel running about 1,000 to 7,000 feet of depth to the reef that the wave will break on.

If you would do it if there was nobody around, nobody on the beach, no cameras, then you're doing it for the right reason, for fun. When your ego becomes part of it, you’ll go where you wouldn’t normally go. It’s dangerous anyway. You can drown from being under to long, the power of the wave is so immense. It could break you—your back, your neck. It could paralyze or kill you. It’s so powerful that it could rip your survival suit right off, leaving you with nothing but your cojones. The main thing about riding a wave this big is survival.

I’m not chasing a wave that big, but I always welcome emails from people who say they have a huge spot in their backyard. Someone will be in the right spot at the right time. The rest of us will just have to wait and see. If you got a great wave and want to see somebody ride it email me and send a pic

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