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  • Photo: Randi Berez

    The 2014 Sochi Games will be the first Olympics to include women's ski jumping. The U.S women's team has three of the world's ten best jumpers, including 2009 world champion Lindsey Van (above), and is expected to dominate.

    Sure, the women of the U.S. ski-jumping team want to medal in Sochi. But they’ve already scored the biggest victory: getting their sport into the Olympics in the first place.

  • Photo: Randi Berez

    "The feeling of flying is like nothing else. You're weightless, and time slows as you see the ground pass below you."

    —Abby Hughs, 24, 9th place in the 2013 Olympic test event in Sochi.

  • Photo: Randi Berez

    "I like to think of myself as the dark horse."

    —Jessica Jerome, 26, 11-time U.S. National Champion on the large and small hills.

  • Photo: Randi Berez

    "Right after the accident, it was pure devastation. But I'll be a stronger person mentally and physically than I was before."

    —Sarah Hendrickson, 2013 World Champion and 2012 World Cup Champion.

  • Photo: Randi Berez

    "It's not who is the ballsiest that day. It's who can keep their head on the straightest."

    —Alissa Johnson, 26, third place in the U.S. Nationals on the normal hill.

  • Photo: Randi Berez

    Jessica Jerome takes flight during training in Park City, Utah.

  • Photo: Randi Berez

    Alissa Johnson training in Park City, Utah.

  • Photo: Randi Berez

    Nina Lussi illustrates the still body position in flight.

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