Lance Armstrong

Are We Ready for Lance Armstrong's Return?

One morning in February, Outside senior editor Grayson Schaffer was sitting in his office in Santa Fe, coming up with ideas for a series of how-to videos we were working on....

Lance Armstrong: Saint or Sinner

Even as we try to let him fade from public attention, Lance Armstrong’s legacy goes on (and on and on and on).Earlier this month, the disgraced Texan cyclist found himself the...

Lance Armstrong Sued Over His 'Nonfiction' Book

Here are all 59 pages of the class-action lawsuit filed against Lance Armstrong in Sacramento, California, this week, which alleges that both It’s Not About the Bike and Every...

Our Fight With Lance and Livestrong

Presumably, round two of #Doprah will include ample chatter time about Livestrong. On that subject, the top-shelf required reading is still

Why Lance Armstrong Will Never Give In

During Tyler Hamilton’s round of interviews last week about The Secret Race, he made a noteworthy comment to ESPN’s Bonnie Ford. The subject was Lance Armstrong’s...

The Unlevel Playing Field

For longtime cycling fans, it was startling to see Tyler Hamilton sitting on the Today Show couch on the morning of September 5, talking to Matt Lauer about

Closing Arguments

Last Friday, the prominent journalist Buzz Bissinger (author of Friday Night Lights and a contributing editor to Vanity Fair)

The Twitter War on Lance Armstrong

ON APRIL 27, a mysterious Twitter user named @GreyManrod issued two cryptic messages. One read: “Nap time. Back...

Big Fish

As the world learned just before the start of this summer's Tour de France, federal investigators are pedaling furiously toward Lance Armstrong's back wheel, hoping to solve the...