Lance Armstrong

Are We Ready for Lance Armstrong's Return?

For as long as I’ve been at the magazine, Outside has routinely been accused of milking Lance Armstrong’s popularity—and, eventually, his ruin—for our own gain. Indeed, the man has been on no fewer...

Lance Armstrong: Saint or Sinner

A quick glance through the comments of the latest Armstrong coverage shows an overarching ambivalence about him—with roughly half dissing him, and the other half staunchly upholding his integrity.

Our Fight With Lance and Livestrong

Outside's editorial director explains how difficult it was to oppose Lance Armstrong at its height—from a first-hand perspective.

Why Lance Armstrong Will Never Give In

With evidence piling up that Armstrong cheated to win, should he confess and ask his fans, enemies, and cancer-fighting supporters to forgive him? As Brian Alexander explains, that would be the worst...

The Unlevel Playing Field

With the release of his new tell-all about the doping culture of professional cycling, The Secret Race, Tyler Hamilton has been blamed for cashing in on the celebrity of one-time teammate and...

'A Disgruntled Former Employee'

Mike Anderson says he found evidence that his former employer Lance Armstrong used performance-enhancing drugs, but the famous cyclist has blasted him for his "complete lack of credibility." Here's...

Closing Arguments

The case against the case against the case against Lance Armstrong.

It's Not About the Lab Rats

war against cancer, right? Not exactly, because the ­famous nonprofit donates almost ­nothing to scientific research. BILL GIFFORD looks at where the money goes and finds a mix of fine ideas,...

The Twitter War on Lance Armstrong

Inside Floyd Landis’s clandestine campaign to torment Lance Armstrong. The story of how the former 2006 Tour de France champion signed up for the @GreymManrod Twitter handle to discredit cyclist...

Big Fish

Federal prosecutors announced that they won't bring charges against Lance Armstrong. Brian Alexander covered the investigation when it first started.