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MercuryCSC is a creative, strategic communications agency that credibly connects brands to people who value authentic places and products and immersive experiences. Founded in 1998, independently owned MercuryCSC is based in Bozeman, Montana, a town frequently named one of the premier outdoor-lifestyle towns in North America. Our 21 employees have lived or traveled extensively to every continent except Antarctica. The firm prides itself on having a thorough, hands-on understanding of the world’s leading outdoor brands and travel destinations and the products and services that help consumers enjoy them.

MercuryCSC provides all the things you expect from a great employer: a fair wage, health care, a 401(k) plan, profit sharing, ample vacation time. And Mercury provides all the things you don’t expect but hope for from an employer: community involvement, pro bono work, work/life balance, continuing education, open, honest dialogue, collaboration, and fun. Mercury supports employees and their families, provides personal development opportunities, and makes room for each employee’s voice.

MercuryCSC offers a private yoga class (open to employees and their families), group activities during lunch and after work (including cross-country skiing, hiking, biking, and workouts in the park), and annual company ski days and river trips. Mercury also provides ski-lift tickets to the entire office throughout the winter, along with an understanding that a powder day might mean a late start to the workday. Mercury has most recently sponsored a recreational-league kickball team and outfitted the entire team with uniforms (ones that intimidate the opponents).

MercuryCSC reduces company-wide meetings during the summer, and employee hours are always flexible. An employee only needs to develop and submit a plan for his/her work hours: some people work longer days, others work fewer days in the office, some people come in earlier, leave earlier—schedules are flexible for each individual. Additionally, Mercury provides ten holidays and ample PTO for employees, supporting travel around the state, the country, and the world.

MercuryCSC matches any donation an employee makes (up to a budgeted amount) and pays the registration fees for several community events every year for employees (including Bowl for Kids Sake and the Bozeman Public Schools Spelling Bee). Additionally, Mercury takes on pro bono work for causes, services, and products we are passionate about. Pro bono clients have included the Conservation Alliance, the Special Olympics, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, and the Montana Outdoor Science School. Mercury also takes on an annual holiday event that benefits the community, such as the 24-hour sled-a-thon, which benefited Gallatin Valley Land Trust, and the Pledge from the Ledge, which benefited Family Promise.

MercuryCSC’s principles include the integration of sustainability into the business itself. We have an in-house recycling center and are making a move toward becoming a paperless office (e-mail faxes, reduction in printing, mailing, etc.). Additionally, we have a worm compost in the office, helping us reduce our waste while also giving us a company mascot (or 1,000 company mascots). MercuryCSC also owns a cruiser bike that employees can check out and use as needed, and we provide a safe bike rack for employee bikes. Our office location is downtown, near services and housing, supporting bike and foot commuting.

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