23. Chesapeake Energy Corporation

Oil and natural-gas producer

LOCATION: Oklahoma City, OK
BEST PERKS: Fitness, Community & environmental support, Swag
HIRING? YES! chk.com

Chesapeake Energy is the second-largest producer of natural gas, a top 20 producer of oil and natural-gas liquids, and the most active driller of new wells in the U.S. Headquartered in Oklahoma City, the company focuses its operations on discovering and developing unconventional natural-gas and oil fields onshore in the U.S.

CEO Aubrey McClendon has built a unique corporate culture in which employees have great trust in their leader and pride for their company, and they enjoy coming to work and feeling part of something special. He devotes half a day to get to know new employees during their onboarding period, in addition to personally calling employees on their birthdays. Employees love the accessibility to senior leadership and the empowerment that comes with being a Chesapeake employee. Every other Thursday during the summer months, we host summer concerts, which feature live bands with great music for all employees to enjoy! The company restaurants serve free margaritas, beer and appetizers. The fun starts at 4 p.m., and employees are encouraged to wrap up their day early to join the fun.

Chesapeake awards employees’ performance twice a year through our biannual performance review process. Employees receive very generous salary, bonus, and restricted stock awards to recognize their hard work and dedication to the company. Chesapeake also awards a special holiday bonus to all employees. Chesapeake holds semi-annual milestone-service-award ceremonies, hosted by CEO Aubrey McClendon. Chesapeake holds semi-annual milestone service award ceremonies, hosted by CEO Aubrey McClendon. At these ceremonies, individuals are honored with cash bonuses for each five years of service they have achieved with the company.  Employees reaching their 20-year anniversary are recognized with a $3500 cash bonus and trip valued at $5,000.

Chesapeake offers a 72,000 square-foot Fitness Center at our corporate headquarters that offers two complete cardio rooms, two strength-and-conditioning rooms, an Olympic-size swimming pool, a rock-climbing wall, basketball courts, an outdoor sand volleyball court, three large group exercise rooms, and more. The center offers more than 70 classes per week, recreation leagues and tournaments, trainers, and a corporate nutritionist. In addition, our Fitness Center offers hundreds of classes each year. Unique examples include: skydiving, flight certifications, scuba diving, martial arts, Pilates, sailing, golf, archery, and rowing. Through Chesapeake’s Living Well program, employees can earn up to $1500 per year for exercising regularly, participating in wellness activities, and working towards a healthy body weight.

Through Chesapeake’s HELP Initiative (Helping Energize Local Progress), all employees are given four hours of paid company time to volunteer for the organization of their choice. In 2010, 4,934 employees contributed 30,870 hours to HELP 519 organizations in 96 communities across the country. Our annual United Way campaign is the company’s biggest companywide fundraiser. Employees raise money for United Way through many activities, such as raffles, duck derbies, and cook-offs. Chesapeake matches each contribution dollar for dollar. In 2010, through our generous donations and the company match, we were able to donate a record $4.1 million dollars to the United Way of Central Oklahoma. In Oklahoma City, Chesapeake has been mentoring at Horace Mann Elementary School for 15 years and currently provides mentors for all its students. We also have mentors at Oklahoma City’s Belle Isle Enterprise Middle School and Harding Charter Prep School. Each week, employees take an hour from their jobs to help students with their studies and to serve as positive role models to 345 students.

Our buildings are built to utilize as much natural lighting as possible, with large windows placed approximately every six feet on all floors in every building. We use solar energy at our completion sites as much as possible. Chesapeake offers an online Rideshare program that allows employees to create an account, enter driver/rider preferences, and find carpool matches with CHK employees. The service also offers bike and bus routing options. Chesapeake’s Employee Garden offers classes on sustainable and organic gardening. We use restaurant scraps as compost for the garden. We also donate excess crops to the local food bank.

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