25. Wilderness Adventure at Eagles Landing

Newcastle, VA

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Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

We're a year-round adventure center offering tailored adventures for anyone. The 500-acre base camp has three lodges. Amenities include a sauna and full-service gourmet kitchen with meals prepared on request. There are one-to-four-week summer courses for kids eight to 18. Or, you can create a custom adventure for any size group. Activities include climbing, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, caving, ropes course, climbing wall, 900-foot zip line, and more.

We all live, work, and play together. There's a family dynamic. Many of the staff form bonds and friendships that they keep for a lifetime. Over 17 couples have formed and eventually married. We work hard and we play harder. On any given day there is some activity going on, whether it's a trip to go bouldering, a mountain bike excursion, or just a rainy day movie marathon in our staff lounge.

There is a gym in the basement of the main lodge and employees are encouraged to take 30 minutes of personal exercise time every day at the end of their workday. We have kayaks, mountain bikes, hiking trails and much more available.

We encourage all staff to take weekly and daily time off to pursue things they enjoy. Ninety-five percent of the staff live and work here at Wilderness Adventure. We encourage staff to get out and become part of the outside community in Roanoke or Newcastle. We sponsor time off for staff to try something new that will benefit them. All employees can take off 30 minutes early daily to pursue any outdoor activity they wish.

We provide gear or equipment for new employees to try new outdoor sports or activities. Two of our facilities have small fitness centers on site. Most of these facilities also offer on-site access to outdoor sports facilities, such as volleyball and basketball courts, soccer fields, and walking trails. Many of our plants have on-site showers. Adjacent to one of our sites we have a recreation area that includes a volleyball court, softball field, running and hiking trails.

Employees are responsible for their work and can arrange their work week to fit outside events and volunteer programs into their schedule. We support many local organizations and provide entertainment and educational classes to organizations that wish to use us.

Ninety-five percent of our staff lives on base camp and walks to work every day.

All staff, from directors to cooks, share all tips that are given to the company. We also use portions of tip funds and company-sponsored money to hold events for all staff, whether it be renting boats for a long weekend and treating the staff to meals or planning trips to the National Whitewater Center. We also take trips to The New River Gorge for climbing. On occasion we do something as simple as getting ice cream.

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