26. Pacific Market International

Seattle, WA

From the Company

Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

Pacific Market International manufactures, markets and designs innovative food and beverage solutions for busy lifestyles across the globe. PMI's two most recognizable brands, Stanley and Aladdin, are both nearly 100 years old. Guided by principles of sustainability, community and integrity, PMI has extended these beloved brands into the future while remaining rooted in their past.

PMI has seen a lot of changes in 25 years of business. What hasn't changed is our distinct company culture based on the belief that every individual matters and has something unique to contribute. We're committed to engaging, educating and empowering each other, and it's evident as soon as you step through our doors. Our company purpose is made up of four principles: Innovate, collaborate, serve, and succeed.

We have an on-site shower room with storage so when employees bike to work or work out during the day they have some place to shower and change. We also have a dedicated bike room with racks for bike commuters to store their bikes safely.

The typical workweek is 45 hoursweek. While there are core hours, PMI provides a flexible work schedule to enable employees to workout and/or attend other activities between 9-6 as needed.

The company pays the initiation fee at one local health and fitness club and the club offers employees a discounted monthly membership fee. This is paid for by the company and deducted from the employees paycheck. We have an annual month-long Health & Fitness Challenge that includes a health fair, healthy living lunch seminars, and exercise groups.

PMI has a longstanding tradition of supporting local, national and international non-profit corporations focusing on children, education and environment. We carefully assess opportunities by collecting information and considering the merit and impact of the organization and then take a company-wide vote. Not only do we give resources, we also volunteer time. All of our employees, from the newest team member to the CEO, are personally involved with our philanthropic activities. We encourage and expect all employees to volunteer at least one day per year and offer one day of paid leave per year. We have lots of organized volunteer opportunities each year.

Our goal is to offer our partners and customers sustainable products from sustainable factories via sustainable offices. This is evident in our Aladdin Sustain products made with eCycle, a proprietary mix of recycled plastic made from 100-percent recycled materials with 25-percent post-consumer content. It's also recyclable where [5] plastic is collected. Since '08 we've recycled 2,229,110 lbs of unwanted plastic into new eCycle products. Our factories and supply chains meet or exceed standards for waste reduction, reclaiming energy, recycling water, environmental management, labor laws and international certifications. Many of our factories have been certified (ISO 14001) and conform to international standards, and we require our partner factories to implement Environmental Management Systems.

Each month at our staff meetings we "ring the bell" for employees who have gone above and beyond their regular job responsibilities. All employees are free to nominate anyone in the company. We give out quarterly Thumbs Up Awards. The winners are posted on a plaque that forever hangs in our hallway. Each winner also receives a monetary reward. We have bi-annual entrepreneur awards and annual Entrepreneur of the Year awards, as well as 10, 15, and 20-year service awards. We have a weekly company sponsored golf group and monthly night ski group.

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