27. River Design Group

Whitefish, MT

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Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

River Design Group is a private consulting firm specializing in river, stream and wetland restoration projects in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West states. To effectively address the interdisciplinary nature of these projects, our staff includes hydraulic engineers, fluvial geomorphologists, hydrologists, biologists, surveyors, and geographic information specialists. In addition to restoration work, our services extend to river surveys, geomorphic assessment, watershed assessment, dam removal, and fish passage.

Our culture and our people are focused on conserving and restoring natural resources. All of our employees enjoy river-based activities and outdoor adventures that connect our company with the natural environment.

We have an informal overtime policy so that employees can take time off when they exceed 40 hours a week. Our projects include both office work and field work. We strive to balance these efforts to maintain employee morale. Employees who work over 40 hrs a week or have been on the road for work are granted flex time in the summer. Employees are also given flex time during the winter ski season when RDG's workload is less frenetic.

RDG recognizes and encourages the pursuit of healthy lifestyles by all employees and shareholders. RDG pays for enrollment fees and 50 percent of the health club membership fee. If the employee elects to participate in the health club membership, he/she is responsible for the remaining 50 percent.

We typically support local community groups, including Corvallis little league baseball (team sponsor), Whitefish adult softball, Glacier Cycling competitive adult biking team, historical Conrad Mansion preservation, Whitefish Children's House Montessori, O'Shaughnessy Performing Arts Center, Whitefish Lake Institute, Whitefish Rotary, and the Whitefish High School Science Program.

We use recycled paper products. Our Corvallis, Oregon office is enrolled in the Blue Sky wind power program with Pacific Power. We remodeled an old building for our Corvallis, Oregon office. The remodeling included installation of fluorescent lights and a new HVAC system with a smart thermostat and high efficiency heat pump. We replaced the windows in our Montana office with double paned insulated windows in 2009. An energy efficient AC system was also installed.

As a small company, we rely on the excellent work of our employees to remain competitive in our field. We reward our employees with semi-annual bonuses.

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