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An independent outdoor-industry company since 1974, Osprey Packs is America’s premier designer and manufacturer of high-quality gear-carrying equipment. The Osprey collection includes technical backpacks, pursuit-specific packs, hydration packs, active everyday packs, and a full line of travel packs, bags, and luggage. Headquartered in Cortez, Colorado, Osprey also maintains a product-development office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, as well as a product-design office in Mill Valley, California.

We have a true team/family atmosphere that has been carefully cultivated among a group of independent-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds united by a common goal to comprise the Osprey Team. There are many aspects of the Osprey culture that make the business unique, but one of the most important things is the fact that, since 1974, Osprey has existed as an independently owned and operated entity. This independence has created an Osprey family to which each individual brings his or her own special contributions, creating a unique environment that values the individual and promotes open communication throughout the organization. This team environment makes Osprey a great place to work.


We have a healthy and robust profit-sharing program that pays yearly incentives to the entire team based on sales goals for the fiscal year. Each Osprey team member receives a new bicycle after one year of service. Years of Service awards are also given for 5, 10, and 20 years of service. These generally include additional time off, with the 20-year service awards including paid vacations. Regular team-member-appreciation dinners, lunches, and other functions are held throughout the year to show team-member appreciation.

The Osprey Outings Holiday offers each team member one paid day off to participate in the Osprey Outings Program, which leads outdoor trips such as skiing, boating, climbing, cycling, and more.

Paid health-club memberships and free and discounted ski passes are available to every Osprey team member. Osprey headquarters has lockers and showers as well as strength-training balls and bicycle rollers. Our headquarters is adjacent to the Carpenter Preserve open-space area, which allows for organized team-member walks and runs, while miles of county roadways allow the perfect place for organized road rides. Secure bicycle-parking facilities are also offered to encourage physical fitness and nonmotorized commute.

Daily stretch and walking breaks are highly encouraged to get team members out of the realm of daily duties. Organized lunchtime bike rides, runs, frisbee-golf outings, and Ping-Pong tournaments have a long and storied past at Osprey and work very well to relieve workday stress and add fun to the day. Organized lunchtime basketball games are another tool that Osprey uses on a semiregular basis to promote office fun and camaraderie.

Osprey maintains an extensive outings gear program available to all team members, which includes packs, tents, sleeping pads, stoves, water filters, and all manner of gear for outdoor activities.

Osprey team members are granted a floating powder-day holiday to use during in February or March for winter outdoor activities. The Osprey Stress Free holiday grants additional time off to Osprey team members during the busy holiday season.

Osprey’s Volunteer Incentive Program allows each team member paid time off to participate in a wide range of Osprey-sponsored volunteer projects at the local and national level.

In addition, Osprey’s biannual Community Locals Sale awards 5 percent of all proceeds to select area nonprofits. Past recipients of this donation have included Sheep Mountain Alliance, For Pet’s Sake Humane Society, Bridge Emergency Shelter, West Slope Climber’s Coalition, Kokopelli Bike Club, and others.


The Osprey Sustainable Transportation Initiative, which pays team members for cycling or walking to work, not only encourages nonmotorized transport but also encourages a healthy lifestyle and has had very successful participation. Our annual Bike to Work Day celebration and Bike Commute Pledge, whereby Osprey team members pledge to ride to work a certain number of times throughout the summer months, has seen great participation.

Osprey Packs headquarters is powered by 100 percent renewable energy using local wind farms, small solar, and hydroelectric sources. We’ve had two recent headquarter expansion projects, one in 2007 and then again in 2010, incorporating the best of LEED-type standards. A wide range of green materials were used in each project, including non-VOC paints, recycled carpet foam, recycled-denim insulation, motion-sensor lights that only turn on when someone enters the room, and heliotropic skylights that greatly reduce the need for conventional lighting. Osprey offsets all carbon emissions produced via motor-freight shipments, international sales meetings, and trade-show travel via the nonprofit Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

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