3. Sustainability Coordinator

    Photo: B.J. Deming/Flickr

The green-jobs sector grew roughly three times faster than regular employment did during much of the past decade, ­according to the Pew Charitable Trusts. One position expected to keep growing as mainstream corporations look to rein in their environmental impact: sustainability coordinator. “Nonprofits were the first wave to hire ­sustainability professionals, colleges and universities were second, then cities and counties, and now the fourth wave is corporations,” says Jim Cassio, a labor-market consultant and coauthor of 2009’s Green ­Careers. Duties vary considerably but can range from reducing energy consumption and managing facilities to organizing educational programs and advising on environmental policies.

ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Variable—many sustainability consultants have degrees in environmental science or engineering, while others have MBAs from green-business programs at Yale, Stanford, and Washington State’s Bainbridge Graduate Institute.

BREAKING IN: “Every industry is fumbling around with how to do sustainability, but few companies will advertise a ­position,” says Kevin Doyle, founder of Green Economy, a workforce consulting firm, and coauthor of The ECO Guide to Careers That Make a Difference. “Don’t just wait for a job listing. Think about what institutions you’re interested in and ask about their sustainability plans.”

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