31. Timberland

Stratham, NH

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Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

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Timberland is a global leader in the design, engineering and marketing of premium-quality rugged, outdoor-tested, environmentally-conscious gear for men, women and kids who value the outdoors and their time in it. Timberland product is sold in nearly 90 countries around the world under the following brand names: Timberland, Timberland PRO, SmartWool, Timberland Boot Company, howies, and iPATH.

Timberland has Friday-flex which was implemented in 1997 when a new summer work schedule was announced. Employees could leave work at 3:00 on Fridays. When Labor Day rolled around no one wanted to give up Friday Flex so the program was extended year round. Employees may also request a compressed workweek, which is any full-time work week that does not fall under the standard five-day workweek. For example a schedule that condenses a standard workweek into fewer but longer days.

The Timberland Fitness Center is a full service, on-site gym with locker room and shower facilities. There is no charge to use the center, and it is available to employees before, during and after work. Currently we provide Yoga class after work in which employees share the cost for the instructor. Total Balanced Life (TBL) is a multi-dimensional lifestyle program designed to educate and assist employees in improving their lifestyles and those they care about. The program focuses on health, wellness, nutrition, parenting, physical fitness, mental health and finances. Through our insurance program our employees are reimbursed $150 a year if they join a fitness center. Being an outdoor company we support outdoor recreation by providing canoes, kayaks and snowshoes on loan.

The Path of Service program provides employees with 40 hours of paid time off annually for community service. We sponsor two global service days, Earth Day and Serv-a-palooza, which focus on Community Greening projects. We have a sabbatical program for qualifying employees to serve with a non-profit for up to six months. We sponsor a Dig It campaign that improves communities through tree-planting events.

Headquarters is under renovation to achieve LEED certification. All our distribution centers receive the majority of their energy from renewable sources. In addition we have renewable energy installations at our headquarters and at our manufacturing facility in the Dominican Republic. Currently, over 12 percent of our global energy comes from renewable sources. Timberland provides special parking spaces for employees who carpool, bike to work and drive hybrids. We use recycled plastics in our footwear, such as PET linings and laces and recycled rubber outsoles. With the launch of our Design for Disassembly (DFD) line this fall, we will be using materials we've recycled from our old shoes to make new shoes. One of the largest environmental impacts footwear manufacturing has is the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). We were a pioneer in the development of low-VOC, water-based alternatives.

Our many employee awards include the Summit Award, recognizing co-workers who exemplify our Core Values, the Yellow Boot Award, recognizing employees at milestone years of employment beginning at five years, and the Carden Welsh Environmental Excellence Award, recognizing individuals whose actions lead to a sustainable improvement in the company's environmental footprint.

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