31. Amer Sports Winter & Outdoor

Outdoor-gear and apparel manufacturer (Salomon, Suunto)

BEST PERKS: Flex time, Fitness, Swag
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Amer Sports Winter & Outdoor, with its brands Salomon, Atomic, and Suunto, is the world’s leading manufacturer of winter and outdoor products. The continuing trend toward outdoor-oriented lifestyles forms the basis for the success of this business. Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor’s core sports are alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, trekking, trail running, and diving.

Amer Sports Winter & Outdoor offers a great work environment in several different ways. In addition to our great health and welfare benefits, we also offer fringe benefits that contribute to work-life balance. We have an “open door” policy within the company, which encourages enhanced communication and camaraderie between peer groups and leadership. This environment provides a positive day-to-day atmosphere.


For our full-time employees, we provide a free season ski pass, free or subsidized gym memberships to two local gyms, and a tuition-reimbursement program. We reward our employees by offering summer hours and holding several company events a year. We strive to let our employees know that we value their work and dedication. We offer a rewards and recognition program that is based on peer-to-peer nominations. Recipients receive a variety of prizes, including gift cards, a premier parking spot, and/or money to go toward company product. This is open to all employees; they just need to be nominated by their peers. Team members have the opportunity to nominate others for a Team Member of the Quarter award. The winner receives a $200 certificate for Amer Bucks, money to be used to purchase our products. Once a year, team members have the opportunity to nominate a co-worker for Team Member of the Year. Team members are nominated based on their performance and how they follow our values—determination to win, team spirit, fair play, and innovation. The winner receives a $1,000 certificate in Amer Bucks, a parking spot for the year, and eight hours of flexible time off, and their photo is displayed on the ASWO Wall of Fame bulletin board. We offer a Years of Service award that recognizes team members that have been with the company 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc., years. We offer a cash award for this achievement as well as extra paid time off to be used at the team member’s discretion. We have a Universal Thanks program that helps create camaraderie within the team. Team members and/or managers will fill out a universal-thanks card that details a specific reason for a thank-you, e.g., help with a special project, training, etc.  The team member that has been thanked has their manager sign off on the universal thanks. During our quarterly company meetings, team members can put their universal-thanks cards into a drawing for a chance to win a gift certificate. We offer a yearly ski day where the company pays for breakfast, and employees who ski are able to go up on the mountain for a day.


We have the Front gym, located just next door, where we offer subsidized membership for our full-time employees, or full-time employees can opt for a complete company-paid membership to Gold’s Gym. We also offer a shower and changing room on-site, which allows employees to exercise before work or during their lunch hour. We have just started our formal Wellness Focus Group, which will be starting more initiatives this year to help team members in their fitness level and overall work-life balance. We annually hold a Health and Wellness Fair, where we invite local vendors to come and discuss healthy lifestyles and food choices. We also offer healthy foods at this fair, as well as cholesterol, BMI, and glucose testing. We also have a blood drive during the health fair and encourage our team members to donate. We offer free Snowbasin ski passes to our full-time employees, which encourages them to not only try out our product on the mountain but get outside during the colder months. We offer an employee purchase program that allows our team members to buy product from any of the Amer Sports brands at a varying discounted rate. We also have Amer Bucks that we give out every year during the holidays, which can be used for our in-house brands, Salomon, Suunto, and Atomic.


Our summer hours allow us to leave at 12:00 p.m. on Fridays (or another approved day) as long as we still work a 40-hour week. This program was enacted to promote work-life balance as well as encourage our employees to enjoy time outside. We have several trails that are just five to ten minutes from our office, so many team members go biking or hiking after work.

We are proponents of donating to local organizations in order to better our community. We donate financially to Enable Industries, a local nonprofit that helps find work for people with disabilities. We support their fundraisers/auctions through financial means or by donating product. We have a volunteer program that allows our employees to volunteer either as a group or individually on company paid time. Every year we donate our time cleaning our many local mountain trails. We do this in two shifts, and volunteers pick up trash and/or help rebuild the trails if necessary. We also financially support local events/organizations that help children and adults with disabilities participate in skiing and other outdoor activities. Two of the organizations that we support are Splore and Snowbasin Adaptive Sports program.


We promote recycling programs in our office. Each desk has a blue recycle bin with a do and don’t recycle list taped to the bin. We also have an Environmental Focus group that is responsible for creating environmentally friendly programs that will engage our team members.

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