33. Zozi

Online adventure-travel operator

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA
BEST PERKS: Alternative work environment, Fitness, Swag
HIRING? YES! zozi.com

Zozi believes that everyone should experience what this amazing world has to offer, and not have to break their piggy bank in the process. Zozi does this by helping consumers find the coolest and most unique travel activities close to home—all curated by Zozi’s local experts. These are one-of-a-kind activities ranging from after-dark kayaking in New York City, outdoor cooking classes in Golden Gate Park, and learning how to fly a plane to horseback riding while wine tasting, learning how to sail, diving for abalone, and getting behind the wheel of a NASCAR race car. In addition to offering local deals in ten U.S. cities, Zozi also features unique domestic getaway packages in off-the-beaten-path destinations like Bodega Bay, California, and the mountains of Vermont. Zozi is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in New York City.

We’re an open-minded company focused on the concept of tangible experiences—how to locate them, how to create them, and how to deliver them. We enjoy each other’s company, and the office feels like home, but way more productive. We focus on a culture where every single person feels excited about building this company. The team is incentivized to do well, and we’re heavily invested in the future of each person. We want each person to grow professionally, have a lot of fun, and be surrounded by the best.

To start with, we have free trips around the world, iPhones, MacBooks, and an office dog, Charlie, all for the team. All team members participate in a detailed and highly incentivized commission plan that provides attractive monetary rewards for overall sales performance as well as bringing new and unique activities to zozi.com. All employees are eligible for cash bonuses for excellent performance or specific achievements. Bonuses are typically given annually after a formal performance review with management; however, spot bonuses have been given for unique accomplishments or milestones (promotions, great work on a particular project). In addition to the bonus and incentive programs already discussed, top salespeople win free vacation getaways on a monthly/quarterly basis. All team members receive credits toward Zozi activities of their choosing as well as a monthly subscription to Foodzie, a gourmet natural-foods tasting service.


The Zozi office environment is extremely casual, and employees are encouraged to bring in and use items like free weights, footballs, and toys for the office dog. Employees are also reimbursed up to $50 per month for a fitness-club membership or activity dues of their choice. Employees participate in everything from rock-climbing gyms to yoga studios and are encouraged to utilize these facilities whenever they can. Employees are encouraged to participate in group sports, wellness classes, etc., whenever possible, and management is flexible as to when employees choose to participate (i.e. taking a long lunch for a yoga class or leaving early to play in a recreational soccer game). A massage therapist is available to all employees once a week, and an in-office dog promotes fun and relieves stress.


Extremely flexible work hours and conditions allow employees to attend personal events and other activities when reasonable. All employees have laptops and are able to work remotely, when reasonable, in order to accommodate personal commitments. After one year of service, employees receive a one-week sabbatical in addition to their annual PTO/holidays. Sabbatical rolls over for up to three years so an employee can earn up to three weeks.


As stated on the Zozi website, “We believe in a strong sense of community and do-goodery, so we give a portion of our profits back to the local communities in which we operate. We’re thrilled to help local schools, environmental causes, and other phenomenal projects—it’s part of our DNA and we’re psyched to do our part in making a positive impact in the community.” While Zozi does not currently formally sponsor any community-service initiatives through financial means, management will individually approve requests from employees who wish to participate in community-service/volunteer work and grant paid time off. The CEO sets an example for the rest of the company by participating in and raising money for various charity events like the Best Buddies International Bike Challenge and Livestrong.

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