34. Realeflow

Parma Heights, OH

From the Company

Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

Realeflow is one of the fastest growing and most profitable companies in the country. It provides a web based software solution called Open Road3, which gives real-estate investors and agents the ability to manage their entire business online. In addition, Realeflow provides online lead generation products and services. Greg Clement, the founder and President of Realeflow, is one of the top Internet marketers in the country and also offers top-level internet marketing courses such as SIMS (Smart Internet Marketing Solution) and Quantum Internet Mastery.

Realeflow focuses on working hard and playing hard. Each employee is challenged daily and knows that they have high expectations to meet. To counteract the stress that may come from daily challenges and high expectations, employees are highly encouraged to use the big-screen TV and Wii and Playstation 3 game consoles that reside in the living-room area in our offices. Employees will often take a break and play a video game, or the office will order lunch and everyone will eat together in the living room and play video games or chit chat. Office pranks, like hiding the COO's cell phone in the ceiling above his office, also make our work environment fun.

During summer hours, Realeflow gives all employees Friday afternoon off if there is no urgent special project. Realeflow focuses on Free Days, Focus Days, and Buffer Days. Focus Days are when you focus on certain projects. Buffer Days are days to get things in order, to catch up on emails, and to decide how to best attack projects. Free days are days where we do not think about work—if even one email is answered on a free day, then it is no longer a free day. We are encouraged to have two free days per week to rejuvenate. Our company is also very good at portraying the belief that family comes first. No one is ever discouraged from taking a day off if it's related to family.

Realeflow has always supported the Salvation Army's Adopt a Family Program during the holidays by adopting multiple families and providing them with Christmas gifts and food for the entire family. Realeflow also supports the Special Olympics. In addition, Realeflow is heavily involved with Remarkable Youth, which is an initiative to instill confidence in children through nurturing their gift of sharing and giving back to the world.

Realeflow uses projectgreenlife.net to promote remodeling homes in an environmentally-friendly way in order to preserve our forests, cut down on landfill waste, reduce carbon emissions, and reduce global warming. Carpoolers enjoy flexible work hours so they can drive home together.

Each year Realeflow takes its employees on an all-expenses-paid trip. In 2009 Realeflow took all of its employees on a four-day cruise to the Bahamas in appreciation for their hard work. Employees are also recognized during office meetings for exceptional work. Realeflow has a family picnic to the local amusement park each year and families are encouraged to attend. Employees can use the day however they wish—spending time with other employees and their families or going off on their own. Realeflow also has a holiday party each year to celebrate the winter holidays, at which time all employees are again recognized for their hard work throughout the year.

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