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Food-and-beverage container manufacturer

Flex time, Fitness, Community & environmental support
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Pacific Market International manufactures, markets, and designs innovative food and beverage solutions for busy lifestyles across the globe. PMI’s two most recognizable brands, Stanley and Aladdin, are both nearly 100 years old. Guided by principles of sustainability, community, and integrity, PMI has extended these beloved brands into the future while remaining rooted in their past. 

Don’t take it from us. Here is what our employees say: “People: we really care about one another and have a real sense of family and belonging.” “Work-life balance: while we’re expected to work hard, we play hard, too, and have a significant number of organized activities, such as quarterly Energizers, annual ski/spa day, a spring golf series, and numerous other celebrations.”

Employees are eligible for an annual bonus based upon company performance and individual contribution. PMI offers three annual awards, which carry much prestige: the President’s award; the Entrepreneur of the Year award; and the Best Team. Candidates are initially nominated by the senior management and then employees are encouraged to share their feedback on those nominated. These awards come with monetary benefits, as well as the recognition of exceptional efforts and results for PMI. We also host a quarterly Thumbs-Up Award, in which employees nominate their peers for outstanding contributions in a given quarter. Anyone can nominate, and the entire group of nominees gets put to a vote. The person who receives the most votes gets awarded. Also, PMI plans several family-friendly events throughout the calendar year—Halloween festivities, a holiday party in December, a summer picnic, etc.—and employees are encouraged to include partners and significant others in more formal events.

We host an annual, monthlong Health and Fitness Challenge that includes a health fair, healthy-living lunch seminars, and workout groups. The company also pays the initiation fee to the local gym, which offers discounted rates to employees. We have a dedicated bike room for bike commuters and an on-site shower for those who bike-commute and/or work out during the day. 

PMI takes pride in its tradition of supporting local, national, and international nonprofit organizations. PMI employees are encouraged to give back to the communities where we live and work through volunteer efforts. The company offers each employee one paid day per year to volunteer at the organization of their choice, and PMI gives annually the greater of $50,000 or 1 percent of its net profits to nonprofits that align with its corporate philanthropic pillars: children, education and the environment. PMI also has a Grassroots Philanthropy Award, whereby the company donates funds each quarter to a nonprofit organization chosen by its employees in each office.

Environmental Responsibility is one of five strategic pillars of PMI. Grassroots employee ideas have stimulated sustainable innovation, like the creation of materials such as eCycle, PMI’s proprietary mix of recycled plastics, and significant reductions in our packaging materials. eCycle contains 95 percent recycled plastics, of which 25 percent is post-consumer content. PMI also promotes environmental responsibility outside the office by subsidizing the cost of public transportation for employees, and encourages comprehensive recycling in the office as well.

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