37. The Honest Kitchen

Pet-food manufacturer

Alternative work environment, Flex time, Community & environmental support
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The Honest Kitchen was established in early 2002 and is a privately held company with its corporate offices located in San Diego, California. The company produces a line of 100 percent natural, dehydrated human-grade pet food for dogs and cats, along with medicinal teas, herbal pet supplements, and all-natural treats.

The Honest Kitchen really has “gone to the dogs.” We have a dog-friendly office that includes pet perks like compensation for annual pet checkups, an allowance of free pet food, and free treats for in-office pets and encouragement to take daily group walks around downtown San Diego. We believe that having pets in the office facilitates teamwork and makes our office a very friendly and approachable place. We also have companywide, bimonthly “tea-time” meetings in which staff at the headquarters cook meals or bake for one another and share ideas or develop strategies over homemade goods, which infuses the workplace with a sense of family and belonging. We celebrate every birthday (yes, even the dogs). Also, everyone contributes to the Pandora playlist.

We have a discretionary bonus program for all Honest Kitchen employees, based on profitability. We also encourage open dialogue with members of the team; all employees are welcome to provide feedback on strategic plans, new foods or treats, and even packaging design. Also, the Honest Kitchen donates to a variety of local charities through its Pawlanthropy program, and employees frequently hand-select the charities to be supported.

All employees in our corporate office have access to group yoga, Pilates, and cardio classes at a neighboring fitness center, East Village Body Shop, and the office is equipped with a shower and communal open-plan kitchen facilities. We also host nutritionists to speak about the benefits of whole foods for people and pets.

The Honest Kitchen offers flexible working schedules for all employees to enable them to fulfill family, pet, and other personal commitments, and we’ve also been known to close the office early some afternoons in order to make companywide outings with dogs to local spots like Fiesta Island and Dog Beach.

We do what’s right for the environment; we use only non-GMO foods, free-range chicken, and wild-caught fish, and every ingredient in our pet food is sourced from the human-food chain and made under FDA inspection. The Honest Kitchen is an approved member of Green America (formerly Co-op America) and is one of only four pet-food companies to receive the “four-leaf” rating from Greenopia. We’re committed to minimizing our environmental pawprint through ingredient selection and packaging materials. On a smaller level, we have in-office environmental-responsibility trainings; the most recent was on composting and how to start a worm bin.

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