38. Peaksware

Lafayette, CO

From the Company

Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

Peaksware develops software systems to help motivated individuals and professionals achieve health, fitness, and peak performance goals. In addition to the world's leading online training and nutrition log, trainingpeaks.com, Peaksware also produces the desktop products Device Agent and WKO+. The software is compatible with the fitness industry's most popular training devices, from heart rate monitors to power meters and GPS devices.

We work with Tour de France podium finishers and their coaches, and the same spirit of competition that drives these athletes and fitness professionals to achieve their best is what motivates Peaksware employees to work hard and create great products.

Everyone likes to ride and run at lunch together, and it's fine to leave early for a workout and then do more work later. Working from home or on a flexible schedule is fine.

Many companies say they are dedicated to employee health and wellness, but at Peaksware, making tools to promote fitness is what we do. Everyone exercises, eats well, and often competes in Ironman, marathon, century, and other events. All employees are given a membership to the YMCA next door. Free training plans, nutrition plans, coaching advice, training devices, discounted bikes and biking gear, etc.

Company sponsors employee teams who wish to race in fund raising events such as triathlons and marathons.

Employees who have contributed directly to achievements for the company are praised in meetings and mass emails.

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