40. MindBody

San Luis Obispo, CA

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Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

MINDBODY is a leading provider of comprehensive on-demand business management software focused on a broad variety of personal-service businesses, including yoga, fitness, wellness, spa, salon, dance, martial arts, children’s centers, music instruction, photography, and boutique retail markets. The web-based software seamlessly ties together the common business requirements of scheduling, account management, CRM, point-of-sale and payment processing, combined with powerful web scheduling marketing, and e-commerce tools.

The work environment, built from the ground up from green materials, is outfitted with comfortable furniture, natural light, and open windows.

The in-office wellness room offers over eight hours of weekly yoga, Pilates, and massage available to employees at reduced or no cost. We are a member of the San Luis Obispo Bike Coalition and 'home office' bikes are available for commuting employees to use on their lunch breaks to run errands or get some exercise. Our office building has bike room storage and men's and women's showers meant to encourage biking and working out on lunch breaks.

We are a member of the San Luis Obispo Bicycle Coalition and we donate one percent of all start-up fees to one of two charities: YouthAIDS or Trees for the Future. We also have active in-house charity programs that encourage employees to donate goods to troops in Iraq, the local homeless shelter, and the food bank.

In efforts to build green, care was taken during the selection of finished products to acknowledge their environmental impact with regards to the occupants of the space. We also have a Green Laundry program that allows employees to drop their laundry at work. The laundry is washed by a local Green Laundry program and delivered back to the office for a small fee. Local farmers are also encouraged to peddle produce in our corporate office. Landscape irrigation water is from an onsite well that connects to the city's reclaimed water system. Material waste during construction was recycled to achieve 75 percent diversion from the landfill.

An employee of the month is awarded a $100 bonus. Gifts are given for all employee birthdays and a new program to recognize employee anniversaries is in the works.The company wellness program gives each employee $50 worth of wellness services from local clients each month.

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