41. Ruff Wear

Bend, OR

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Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

We design and manufacture gear for dogs…which means we get to hang out with them at work. These four-legged "inspirations" serve as product models and testers. And they help provide us with a unique, laid-back culture. On the human side, our executives and directors are available and receptive, and we have an open-flow office space. No one sits in an office—we're all in the same large room in a "pod" atmosphere. There is no hierarchy. Everyone has the same desk set-up and amount of space. This inspires open communication and allows us to work together closely.

We design and manufacture gear for dogs. That means we get to work with dogs. We have dogs in office as product models. They come in and get fit in our products. We have an open door policy. Our executives and directors are available and receptive to employees all the time. We have an open flow office space. No one sits in an office. Everyone is in the same room, in a pod atmosphere. There is no hierarchy—everyone has the same desk set up and amount of space.

We've got lots of creative ways to make our time at work efficient while still allowing for flexibility. Our product development team works four ten-hour days, and our Customer Service team rotates their hours. We offer two "Field Days" a year to our employees in which we have the opportunity to take our dogs and gear into real-life situations (camping, hiking, fishing, etc) to see how the gear works. We then give our product team feedback that helps future product development.

Ruff Wear pays for half of the gym membership for employees who join the gym located next to our headquarters.

Ruff Wear is very involved in the outdoor community. This past summer, all local employees were paid for the day to work in the Badlands, a protected wilderness east of Bend, as part of a Conservation Alliance program to give back to the outdoor community. Ruff Wear contributes financially to the Conservation Alliance through membership dues as well as fundraisers at Outdoor Retailer trade shows.

Many of our products use natural and recycled materials. We offer customers the option of electronic paperwork. We use recycled shipping bags for many of our orders. Our electricity provider uses solar, wind and biomass. Our heating system pulls heat trapped in the ceiling down to our work areas. We are partners with Central Oregon Commute Options. For every 45 car-less roundtrips to work, employees can earn a $20 gift card to participating businesses as well as a match $20 as a thank you from Ruff Wear.

Ruff Wear has a tiered paid time off program that rewards employees for their longevity. PTO increases after 3, 6, and 10 years. We also like to have fun together with an annual holiday party, two seasonal kick-off parties per year to celebrate the completion of our bi-annual product process cycle, and an annual overnight retreat in the summer. Ruff Wear employees can let their hair down and have some fun while bonding with team members. Awards/special recognition is a major part of all our events.

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