41. Livestrong

Cancer advocacy and fundraising nonprofit

Flex time, Fitness, Community & environmental support
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Founded in 1997 by cancer survivor and champion cyclist Lance Armstrong and based in Austin, Texas, Livestrong fights for the 28 million people around the world living with cancer today. Livestrong connects individuals to the support they need, leverages funding and resources to spur innovation, and engages communities and leaders to drive social change. Known for the iconic yellow wristband, Livestrong’s mission is to inspire and empower anyone affected by cancer. For more information visit Livestrong.org.

Livestrong gives a voice to each and every team member so every idea is heard. Livestrong fosters an environment where creativity and innovation thrive. Its approach is grassroots, community-based, and dynamic. Livestrong team members are motivated by service, humility, and compassion for helping those affected by cancer. When you walk through the doors of Livestrong, you can feel the contagious energy and excitement from those in the building. For a small office of only 91 team members, they consider themselves a tight-knit family.

As a way to reward hard work and dedication, every team member receives an equal bonus if the organization exceeds its strategic goals in furtherance of its global mission. This bonus plan also rewards team members for completion of creative and innovative projects. In addition, Livestrong has a recognition program that consists of the following components. The Yellow Jersey Award is a peer-to-peer recognition tool where each quarter the entire team has the opportunity to recognize a coworker for going above and beyond, working cross-functionally, or representing the mission and core values in an impactful way. Winners receive a bouquet of yellow roses, a gift card, and their picture posted on a placard hanging in the office. Every year, Livestrong holds a special dinner to recognize team members who are celebrating their five-year anniversary. Team members who are celebrating their seven-year anniversary are eligible to take a one-month sabbatical to rest, recharge, and give back to the local community. One of our team members recently took a sabbatical to volunteer at AIDS Services of Austin.

The HQ boasts a 1,142-square-foot fitness center outfitted with a Nike Regrind floor and equipped with custom-made fitness machines and equipment provided to Livestrong at no cost through their partnership with Johnson Health Tech. Many of the Livestrong team members are bike commuters, so in addition to bike racks there are locker facilities for showering and storing personal items throughout the day. Livestrong has four Trek bikes for team members to check out during the day to exercise, run errands, or grab lunch. As part of the Health and Wellness Program, Livestrong offers on-site massage, meditation, and acupuncture sessions, as well as a full suite of fitness classes: yoga, Pilates, and sports conditioning. Team members are also encouraged to participate in the Team Livestrong run/walk/bike challenge series as well as Livestrong’s grassroots fundraising events.

Livestrong is a results-oriented workplace and allows staff to balance their work and life commitments as they deem best to achieve their goals. One team member was training for a marathon, and she adjusted her hours to make sure she could hit the running trail before dark. Additionally, the leadership team will surprise team members with half-day Fridays before major holiday weekends.

The Livestrong team partnered on a project with the Austin Trail Foundation to clean up the area around Town Lake. The team cleaned up trash along the shore, planted new trees, and painted a bridge. Livestrong is also involved with the Meals on Wheels program, and two team members volunteer each week to deliver meals to those in need. Livestrong partners with Bikes for Kids annually to help purchase, build, and give away bikes to families in need of holiday gifts. Every year, Livestrong donates a bike on behalf of each team member. Last year, 30 percent of those bikes went to families affected by cancer.

Livestrong’s offices are certified LEED and have a four-star rating from the Austin Energy Green Building Program. Ninety-five percent of the building materials were reused or recycled. Concrete slabs were recycled in various areas in the front of the building, including the walkway, fountain, fence perimeters, and parking strips. Livestrong also has a partnership with Car2Go, an eco-friendly car-sharing service, and the headquarters also serve as a Car2Go station. Team members may use Car2Go cars during the day for business purposes.

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