45. Deckers Outdoor

Outdoor-gear manufacturer (Teva, Simple Shoes)

Fitness, Community & environmental support, Swag
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Deckers Outdoor Corporation is a premier lifestyle marketer that builds niche brands into global market leaders by designing and marketing innovative, functional, and fashion-oriented footwear developed for both high-performance-outdoor activities and everyday casual lifestyle use. Our brands include Ugg Australia, Teva, Simple Shoes, Tsubo, Ahnu, and Mozo.

It’s hard to beat working for a company that has the perfect blend of family atmosphere plus a lifestyle-first attitude:

“I wouldn’t dream of working anywhere else.”—Years of service, 19

Certain employees are eligible for a Management Business Objective bonus and nonvested stock units that can be achieved by hitting both individual and company objectives. Some employees are eligible for individual bonuses that are achieved by hitting individual objectives, and some employees are eligible to receive a company team bonus, which is achieved by the company hitting its corporate objectives.

Company pays the majority of the expense for a massage therapist to come to our location and give chair massages; they are booked within 30 minutes every week. We have beach cruisers employees can use to go for bike rides during lunch or to run errands. We have paddleboards for employees to use when they want a great workout and spend some time in the sun. During the spring and summer season at the Flagstaff location, there is a lunchtime walking club. The group ranges from four to 14 people on a weekly basis. Also, employees are offered a subsidized gym membership to a local gym. Employees pay a small portion as a payroll deduction, and the company pays the monthly membership fee. One group had a private trainer come out to the corporate location to challenge them to get fit and healthy. Everyone in the group had their weight and body fat measured at the beginning of the challenge and every 30 days thereafter.

Deckers recently adopted a policy to pay employees for up to 24 hours of charity work per year. Deckers encourages all employees to give their time in addition to, or in place of, financial gifts. The Volunteer Newsletter highlights opportunities for volunteering at various organizations throughout the community. Deckers gives nonprofits a $1,000 grant every time employees log 40 hours of volunteer time. Deckers encourages and supports employees’ generosity by matching employees’ charitable donations dollar for dollar up to $1,000 per year. Deckers’ Soles for Soles program has donated more than 100,000 pairs of shoes since 2007 to S4S, which redistributes shoes to tragedy-stricken parts of the world (i.e. earthquake victims on Haiti, tsunami victims in Indonesia, etc.).

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