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Online real estate information and marketing firm

LOCATION: Parma Heighs, OH
Travel, Community & environmental support, Swag
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Realeflow provides the leading online platform for real estate investors. It’s an all-encompassing software system that gives real estate investors the tools to make their job easier, allows them to be more efficient and effective, and ultimately helps them make more money. Realeflow teaches people how to take their business online for a much wider reach and higher profits. 

Owners and management expect everyone to give 110 percent each and every day and are happy to reward team members for a job well done. The executive team at Realeflow has cultivated a close-knit group of highly effective team members that work extremely well together. The atmosphere is a very positive combination of work hard–play hard. Each year (provided it was a lucrative year) all company employees—as well as spouses and significant others—are invited on an expenses-paid trip. The Realeflow team has traveled to an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for the past two years.

There are video games in the Realeflow office along with a big screen TV, Wii, Xbox, couch, and comfy chairs. Realeflow team members make daily smoothies, which has turned into a fun competition where taste and nutrition are the criteria used to judge the winner.

Each team member is eligible for the profit-sharing program. Profit sharing is based on amount of time with the company, level of contribution to the company’s success, and other factors such as overall attitude and continuous contribution to the positive direction of the company. Each year, awards such as Teammate of the Year, Team of the Year, Rookie of the Year, and MVP are given to the team and team members who display outstanding work and dedication for the previous year.

The company recently acquired a 100-acre tract of land that was formerly an apple orchard. It has four waterfalls, two lakes, and two streams. A company-retreat compound is being built on the property for the employees to use with their families year-round.

During June, July, and August, Realeflow closes the office at noon every Friday. This is a great opportunity for team members to enjoy the weather and spend more time with their families while kids are out of school.

Each year during the Christmas holiday, Realeflow sponsors a family in need through the Salvation Army. Employees volunteer to supply Christmas presents and food so that families who would otherwise not celebrate the holiday with gifts are able to. Each year Realeflow donates money to the Special Olympics to support their events, and in 2010 Realeflow participated in the local Toys for Tots drive.

Realeflow encourages team members to work with their office lights off to save energy and to share documents electronically whenever possible to cut down on paper waste. Realeflow is also heading up a new initiative called Greenhabbing. The Greenhabbing process involves an energy audit to test for efficiency of windows, lighting, water, HVAC, and any other energy efficiency operations to ensure homes are rehabbed to be as energy-efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

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