48. Volcom

Costa Mesa, CA

From the Company

Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

We are an innovative designer, marketer and distributor of premium quality young men's and young women's clothing, accessories and related products under the Volcom brand name. Our products, which include t-shirts, fleece, bottoms, tops, jackets, boardshorts, denim and outerwear, incorporate distinctive combinations of fashion, functionality and athletic performance.

We promote a culture where people who share our core values want to work so it makes for a great environment with the most passionate people. Most employees have worked here for several years and, after taking a recent survey, 9 out of 10 employees understand and believe in the company's future and find it compelling. There is a lot of excitement, innovation, opportunity, boardsports lifestyle, perks, and teamwork here at Volcom. It is a fun, creative, family environment with employees who are very passionate about what they do.

We give half-day summer Friday's every other Friday so employees can spend time with their families.

Volcom has a Wellness Program to promote a healthier lifestyle with the following programs: Corporate membership program (discounts to health/yoga clubs), Yoga classes at corporate office, Flu shot clinic (when available), monthly Health Awareness lunches, and EAP. We pay a annual corporation membership to 24 hour fitness and Yoga works. This allows our employees to get memberships at very discounted rates. We also hold monthly wellness lunches that offer advice on all kinds of topics, from eating healthy to learning how to stretch at work. In addition to the wellness program, we reward employees with free lift tickets, season passes to different mountains and other free giveaways that promote an active lifestyle.

We have a program called our Give Back Series, which we use to highlight and raise funds for non-profit organizations. Some of the groups we have partnered with and/or supported: Alaska Wilderness League, Save the Waves Coalition, The Ecology Center, Protect our Winters (POW), and Orange County Coastkeeper. We have one "green" point person who sends out weekly V-Co Logical emails, challenges employees to car-pool, skateboard to work, etc.

Our V-Co Logical line, which represents our socially responsible movement towards sustainability, contains more sustainable materials and has lower impact production methods. In this collection, you'll find organic cottons, hemp blends, recycled PET, degradable plastics in packaging, thermoplastic elastomer linings rather than PVC, and a few other things that are in the works.

To keep the troops stoked and retain/recognize our star players, we have the Monthly Stone Award, recognizing an employee's achievements and contributions as an exceptional Volcom employee. All employees are welcome to nominate anyone in the company. Different awards are given depending on accomplishments. Some examples are a week-long vacation at the Volcom Hawaii team house and front-spot parking for a month.

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