49. Quality Bicycle Products

Bicycle-parts distributor

LOCATION: Bloomington, MN
BEST PERKS: Alternative work environment, Community & environmental support, Swag
HIRING? Yes! qbp.com

QBP is a leading distributor to the cycling industry. Carrying more than 32,000 SKUs from 450 vendors, the company offers domestic and international retailers a wide array of products and services, including a 1,600-page catalog, an online ordering system, a renowned custom-wheel service, a specialty bike-building program, and more. The company owns four bike brands, including All-City, Civia, Salsa Cycles, and Surly. QBP is also the exclusive U.S. distributor of Ridley, a Belgian manufacturer of road, mountain, and cyclocross bikes. Through its Q-Outdoor division, QBP distributes products to independent ski, run, and outdoor retailers. A strong proponent of environmental business practices, QBP operates two LEED-certified, Gold-level distribution centers and office complexes in Bloomington, Minnesota, and Ogden, Utah.

No employee, director, manager, or supervisor has an office with doors. We all sit together. QBP is committed to developing, providing learning opportunities, and being a fun place to work. Employees often cite our casual environment as one of the things they appreciate most. There’s no dress code, we work in wide open spaces, and we have informal meeting areas. This fosters an environment where employees can bring their unique individuality to the company. QBP cultivates employee growth. We have a department whose sole devotion is to developing employees through seminars and training that give them tools to better understand our business.

In the event QBP has a profitable trimester (four-month period), a percentage of profits are used to recognize each employee’s contribution to the ongoing success of the company. Bonuses are determined per employee based on such factors as company profit, a percentage of wages earned during the trimester, and years of service with QBP. Bonuses are available to seasonal, part-time, and full time employees and will typically make up between 7 and 12 percent of an employee’s annual pay.

During the winter months, we have a snowshoeing club and a cross-country ski club. All year round, we also have walking and running clubs. These groups meet once a week either during lunch or after work and head out to our backyard park to enjoy the weather and have some fun. We offer a yoga and stretch class once a week, free of charge, to all employees. It is held on-site, and yoga mats are provided. As a distributor of bikes, parts, and components, we have a number of bikes on hand. We have some reserved as our demo fleet. Employees can check these out at any time to go for a ride during their lunchtime, before or after work, or to try out a bike prior to purchasing it.

We gift $10 to any 501(c)3 organization for every hour our employees volunteer there. Every employee can record up to 40 hours per year that QBP will pay out $10 per hour. Last year we logged 1,280 off-the-clock volunteer hours. This year our goal is 2,000. Every holiday season, our ACE committee sets up several different fundraising events to purchase bikes for every member of four different families. We call this Bikes 4 Families. The families are picked out by local social services.

For every trip made to work via cycling, walking, carpooling, or any method other than single-passenger vehicle, employees earns credits that can be used to purchase goods we sell. We also have on-site lockers, showers, and a towel service.

On top of that, we operate in a Gold LEED–certified building with a 40-kilowatt solar-panel array, waterless urinals, dual-flush toilets, high-efficiency heating and cooling, a smaller-than-average footprint for a business of our size, and speed hand driers in the bathroom.

We’ve also have a compost partnership with the city of Bloomington. Because of this partnership, we are able to compost pizza boxes, the spudware (potato-based disposable utensils) we provide in the cafeteria, meat, and many other things that normally go into the trash. We reduced our landfill waste by 50 percent with the compost partnership.

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