50. TriSports.com

Tucson, AZ

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Outside editors excerpted this information from the Employer Questionnaire submitted to the Best Companies Group.

We are an online retailer that carries the highest-quality triathlon equipment, triathlon gear, triathlon apparel, and all of the hard-to-find necessities that every triathlete needs, including triathlon wetsuits, bike travel cases, aero race wheels, hydration systems, aerobars, triathlon-specific clothing, and much more. We are also an industry leader in both road-bike and triathlon-bike fitting.

We realize that opening an Internet business was the easy part. What keeps us growing is our focus on our customers, our staff, our suppliers and the environment—all of which have defined who we are. All four of these are interconnected and require each of the others to be successful. We don't worry about what our competition is doing, but rather where and what we can do next. How can we continue to build our relationships and advance the sport of Triathlon at the same time.

Our industry naturally lends itself to a healthy lifestyle. We have a bike-commuter program in place. Each employee that commutes to work receives ten cents per mile that can be spent in our shop. There is also a weekly run group that meets at a local park before work hours. The run group is open to all levels and nobody is left behind because it is a circle run. TriSports.com also holds a weekly spin class that is free and open to our customers as well as our employees.

TriSports.com supports Habitat for Humanity in Tucson, Aviva Children Services, and Sole for Souls. TriSports.com puts on a non-profit race every year in ShowLow Arizona where 75 percent of the proceeds go to CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation) and the other 25 percent stays in ShowLow and is donated to a local boys and girls club. Employees are also paid to volunteer at certain local events. If the employee is not paid to volunteer they can earn credits: one credit for each hour worked, and ten credits can be redeemed for a $25 gift card or $25 TriSports.com store credit. This is not paid time off, but giving a triathlete money to spend in a tri store is big.

With our Green Box Program, our customers are able to opt for a used box for their shipment. We also participate in Soles for Souls to recycle used shoes to others in need. We send all of our used bike parts to Resource Revival to make awards, clocks, and other art items. We reuse all packaging material when possible, and our recycle bin is four times larger than our garbage dumpster. We also use compact fluorescent lighting throughout most of the building, natural light in all workplace areas, furniture made from recycled materials and/or able to be recycled after use, installed recycled carpet, super low-e glass throughout our storefront, multiple-zone air conditioning so areas of the building that aren't in use can be turned off, and dual light controls in office areas to minimize light usage.

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