8. Skullcandy

Consumer-electronics manufacturer

BEST PERKS: Alternative work environment, Fitness, Travel
HIRING? Yes! skullcandy.com

Skullcandy is the number-two-selling headphone company in the U.S., with revenues topping $150 million. It creates audio products and technology to catalyze the collision of music, fashion, and sports. Rooted in youth culture and the rebel spirit of rock ’n’ roll, Skullcandy celebrates independence, ambition, individuality, and creativity. Skullcandy embodies exclusive designs by some of today’s most notorious artists, fused with team-inspired state-of-the-art technology in both function and form, remixed to a thumping beat. 

Skullcandy employees are the top customers of the brand, and the spirit of the brand can be found in each employee. We work hard and play hard, and all agree that no great idea is born behind a desk. Skullcandy employees love the casual work environment with a dress code so laid back it hardly exists. The office is designed as a skate park—skateboards and scooters are used throughout the office during business hours. We have flexible scheduling, medical benefits, 401K matching, a powder-day policy, cheap-as-dirt ski passes subsidized by the company, gym memberships, tons of room for growth and advancement, and, most important, the feeling of family.

Annual company surf trip: Skullcandy had a one week job-well-done-award surf trip to Costa Rica this year. In addition, employee of the month is the longest-running and most sought-after recognition award. The winner is announced monthly at a company-wide meeting. The announcement is always a surprise after a room-wide drum roll. Skullcandy also offers on-the-spot gift cards for a job well done and lunches and dinners for departments completing large projects or performing above and beyond. Additional recognition awards include jazz tickets (great seats), additional ski passes, concert tickets (think Lauren Hill and Snoop Dog), and product giveaways. Bonuses: full-time positions qualify for a year-end bonus based on hitting key performance and revenue metrics, the amount to be determined by the company and individual performance. Equity: new hires are granted a certain number of options to purchase common stock. The company has also been known to spring a surprise Friday-afternoon movie, bowling party, ski afternoon, BBQ on the mountain, or a hot dog vendor and skate session. Holidays are filled with tons of fun, including a Halloween party with full department costumes, Christmas Party with Eagles of Death Metal, etc.


There are a number of world-famous mountain trails minutes from the office, and employees are encouraged to get out and play. Skullcandy subsidizes a monthly health-club membership. There are two great gyms directly across the street, and employees are encouraged to work out during the day. Skullcandy is committed to employees living the culture of the brand they are selling. In order to appreciate the environment and culture, we provide additional benefits to employees, including subsidized season ski passes and subsidized gym membership, as well as the powder-day and halfpipe benefits. Skullcandy sponsors kickball, soccer, and basketball teams. 

Flextime is available to all employees. Employees are encouraged to get out and enjoy the activities they love—boarding, skiing, hiking, biking, running, etc. It is not rare to find bikes, skateboards, and snowboards leaned up on every wall in the building. Skullcandy also provides a locker room to shower and change after activities. Employees are encouraged to take advantage of the powder-day policy, allowing them to be late on powder days, and use the mountain during lunch breaks. The same goes for mountain biking in the summer.

We work with the nonprofit Stoked, who’s mission is to empower youth from underserved communities to achieve a more successful future by providing programs based in action-sports culture that result in personal development, academic achievement, positive relationships, and a healthy lifestyle. Stoked and Skullcandy’s evolving partnership has already provided our youth with amazing new experiences and skills. Recently, Skullcandy opened its corporate headquarters to LA Stokers. After a tour of the headquarters, Skullcandy founder Rick Alden provided an enlightening crash-course on the action-sport industry and, pro skater Greg Luztka closed out the day with an epic skate session with our teens. The following Stoked-Skullcandy session was surfing in San Clemente with members of the Skullcandy design team and folks from Ocean Adventures. After surfing, Stokers received a design lesson by the Skullcandy team and were given supplies to start designing the Stoked Skullcandy headphones. Skullcandy also works with the United Way each Christmas. This year we adopted a family of nine and supported them financially as well as providing them with Christmas gifts and other essentials. In addition, Skullcandy works with the Salvation Army serving dinner once a month at a local shelter. Multiple organizations throughout the community are given Skullcandy product donations for raffles, runs, and fundraisers.

Skullcandy purchases postconsumer-waste-recycled paper products for the break room and lunches. Employees are also encouraged to use their own coffee cup, water bottle, or dishes. In our conference room, reusable water bottles are placed out for visitors. Skullcandy recycles all paper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminum. We also provide a fountain soda machine to limit the collection of cans and plastic bottles.

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