Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor

Ogden, UT, 90 Employees

FULLY EQUIPPED: Mothership of adventure-gear brands Salomon, Atomic, and Suunto, Amer promotes a healthy work-play balance by offering flex time and providing bikes, skis, snowboards, and various electronics for employee use—especially fitting given that the Wasatch Mountains are right out the back door.


Amer Sports is the world's leading sports equipment company. Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor, with its brands Salomon, Atomic, Arc'teryx, Mavic, and Suunto, is the world's leading manufacturer of winter and outdoor products. The continuing trend toward outdoor-oriented lifestyles forms the basis for the success of this business segment. Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor's core sports are alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, hiking, cycling, trekking, trail running, and diving.

Telecommuting is an option and available for positions that may require it. This option is dependent upon business needs. Many team members have access to the ASWO computer system from their homes, home offices, and while traveling. Additionally, team members are provided BlackBerrys or cell phones. The flexibility ensures that key positions have the resources to perform and maintain a work-life balance. "Summer hours" begin in April and continue through September. Team members flex their time worked during the week to receive Friday afternoons off (or an alternate day). The philosophy behind the summer-hour program is to enhance team members' outdoor experiences. ASWO encourages the team to get into the environment by hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, trail running, diving, and golfing, utilizing the ASWO sport brands' products. Snow Days are also provided for the team members. On these days, team members have the opportunity to spend their "paid" hours outside. Many go skiing or riding.

Fitness is very important to the company/team members. On-site locker/shower facilities are available to ease the transition from outdoor recreation to work. Bikes and helmets are available for use after hours, on weekends, or during lunch. Skiing and snowboarding equipment, wrist-top computers, heart-rate monitors, geocaching are available for all employees. Stability balls are an alternative option to desk chairs. Health and wellness holistic approaches are vital for the team. Benergy, an online health-and-wellness portal, is available via the Internet. This contains info on: improving personal health, encouraging healthy lifestyles, benefits, tips and hints, Annual Health Fair, health and dental vendors, pet health, environmental and community education, free flu shots, cholesterol, vision, BMI, and monthly info emphasizing fitness. Well-balanced, healthy lifestyles are encouraged. Salomon Center Gym Memberships are 100 percent paid for team members, and include a basketball court, fitness classes, pool, and personal trainer. Discounted passes are offered to team members' families.

Community service and partnering closely with organizations throughout the local community is strongly emphasized. Time off is allowed for participation and membership in several community and volunteer programs. ASWO is a member of Ogden's Fresh Air Club and donated 25 bike racks to the community. Community initiatives that ASWO supports include: Ogden Nature Center, Weber Pathways, Boy Scouts, Vertical Challenge, High Adventure Mountain Film Festival, and the Sustainable Ogden Committee, among others.

Amer Sports products, when created, developed, and manufactured, are geared toward responsible solutions. These are part of the different "sustainable" initiatives we have launched to better the environment: Bamboo layers in skis and snowboards, organic fibers in apparel, shoe boxes out of recycled cardboard, and recycled rubber for footwear. Every desk has a blue recycling bin. On-site glass/paper/cardboard/plastic/tin and aluminum recycling bins are provided. And as a Visionary partner in Rocky Mountain Power's Blue Sky Program, ASWO purchases credit that develops energy from wind power sources.

Team members have the opportunity to nominate others for a Team Member of the Quarter award. The winner receives a $200 certificate for Amer Bucks, money to be used to purchase our products. Once a year, team members have the opportunity to nominate a co-worker for Team Member of the Year. Team members are nominated based on their performance and how they follow our values: determination to win, team spirit, fair play, and innovation. The winner receives a $1,000 certificate in Amer Bucks, a parking spot for the year, and eight hours of flexible time off, and their photo is displayed on the ASWO Wall of Fame bulletin board.

Amer Sports recognizes the importance of physical well-being and maintaining a balance between work and leisure time for a healthy and gratifying personal and professional life. The casual atmosphere of our company, in the sporting goods industry, enables team members to feel at ease and comfortable in the environment in which they work. A healthy work environment/life is supported by our "open-door" policy. Team members and leadership are able to go to each other, at any time, with any issue without feeling shut out or unimportant. Many meetings include using the company bikes in the summer months. The benefit of no mandatory overtime also increases morale. The good morale and opportunities within the company allow team members the benefit of the outdoors and a pleasant place to build their careers. Amer Sports Winter and Outdoor is located just 30 minutes from various ski resorts. Close by, prolific hiking and biking trails offer opportunities for team members to enjoy non-motorized (silent) sports and our products. Bouldering fields, various crags, and the awesome mountains create the perfect environment for rock climbing. What better place to work than here?

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