Carmichael Lynch

Minneapolis, MN, 260 Employees

PRINCE PARTIED HERE: No, really. The century-old brick building that houses this advertising-and-marketing firm was once rented to the Minneapolis-born artist in the eighties. Today, the place runs on 100 percent wind energy and still buzzes with creativity, if less purple-powered funk. Carmichael Lynch develops campaigns for a slew of outdoor-industry clients, including Atomic Skis and Arc'teryx, and holds an annual talent show.
SUMMER LOVIN': Sun season is celebrated with seven extra vacation days, plus "roofgating" parties and a family movie night. "Whether this is someone's first stop in their career or the last stop, we want this to be their best stop," says Doug Spong, the firm's managing partner.


Carmichael Lynch is an advertising and brand-building powerhouse serving Subaru of America, Sierra Nevada Brewing Comapany, Noodles & Company, Aveda, Redfeather Snowshoes, International Mountain Biking Association, Harley-Davidson, SmartWool, and Camelbak, among others. Founded in 1962, the agency has been winning awards and international acclaim for inventive brand-building ever since.

Carmichael Lynch's office is an old converted warehouse in downtown Minneapolis with large, energy-efficient windows and low walls to flood the space with natural light. The agency has have a full locker room and towel service used by those who work out during the day. The locker room is also used by those who bike to work. Bike storage in the agency, near an employee's desk, is encouraged.

Carmichael Lynch is 100 percent wind-powered though Excel Energy's ‘Windsource' program and the agency has been named an EPA Green Power Partner. Our energy-saving programs combined to provide the agency with the greatest allowable energy rebate in a recent energy audit—the rebate money was plowed right back into Carmichael Lynch's CFL bulb conversion program.

Carmichael Lynch has a long tradition of a "Summer Time Off" program, whereby employees work longer days during the summer months, which allows for, essentially, seven additional summer days off on top of regular vacation days. Agency management says, "It's cold here in the winter—we need employees to take full advantage of the glorious summer!"

Carmichael Lynch's culture is driven by creativity, inventiveness, collaboration, and hard work. People come here to do the best work of their careers for an enviable list of clients. Being so creatively productive and pushing the limits of strategic research and insights can be demanding and draining. That, plus the deadline-driven nature of the business, means employees need to blow off steam, have fun, and refuel often. Rooftop parties, the occasional Friday-afternoon beer cart, the infamous O'Gong Show (every St. Patrick's Day, those new to the agency must perform a skit, song, or act—one act wins acclaim as O'Gong Show champion and joins other O'Gong Show legends), and the rotating art display keep things vibrant and inspiring. In the summer, Carmichael Lynch hosts family movie nights on its rooftop patio—it's a drive-in without the cars.

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