Deckers Outdoor Corporation

Goleta, CA, 337 Employees

HAPPY FEET: Deckers makes comfortable footwear—including Teva, Simple Shoes, and Ugg—and the laid-back, green ethos of its shoes extends naturally to the work environment. Casual dress is the norm, gym memberships are subsidized, recycling centers are abundant, and a fleet of bicycles is at the ready.


Deckers Outdoor Corporation builds niche products into the global lifestyle brands Teva®, Simple® Shoe, UGG® Australia, TSUBO®, and Deckers® Brand by designing and marketing innovative, functional, and fashion-forward footwear for both high-performance outdoor activities and everyday casual lifestyle use.

Corporate headquarters employees are offered a subsidized gym membership to a local gym with several locations. Employees pay a small portion as a payroll deduction, and the company pays the monthly membership fee.

Tuition reimbursement is available to employees requiring continued andor additional education that is directly related to their position. Deckers will pay all or a portion of the tuition and additional required fees on a case-by-case basis.

Simple Shoes uses the following recycled materials in their footwear: recycled inner tubes, 100 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard boxes, recycled PET and latex elastic, post-consumer paper, recycled car and bike tires, and recycled carpet padding.Employees who purchase hybrid vehicles receive a $1,000 donation to the charitable organization of their choice.

Deckers has a very relaxed and flexible communication program. At each quarter end, the CEO calls an All Hands meeting of all employees in the corporate office to hear information on a range of topics, including financial earnings information, changes within the company, etc. The All Hands meeting often ends with a luncheon for employees. This type of meeting may be called at any time the CEO feels fit, and we feel this is a unique aspect of Deckers that contributes toward open communication and information to employees at all levels.

At Deckers Outdoor Corporation, employees are encouraged to nominate a co-worker who has made exceptional contributions and efforts to the organization each quarter. This Quarterly Employee Recognition Program is available to all employees in all locations of the company. This is announced during the All Hands meeting held each quarter, and the winner receives a plaque and a cash bonus. All nominees receive a letter recognizing their nomination that is signed by the CEO.

Deckers Outdoor is a unique organization due to our casual, friendly, event-oriented work environment. The company hosts several employee events throughout the year, aimed to socialize and reward everyone for their continued efforts in their departments. These events include, but are not limited to, summer company picnic, holiday party, Halloween party where employees are encouraged to dress up in costu

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