Dominion Digital

Charlottesville and Richmond, VA, 47 Employees

SMART TECH: In the field of technology consulting—defined by the overworked and overtraveled—Dominion stands out for its progressive policies. "We are ridiculously strong advocates of work-life balance," says recruiter Tricia Rhodes. Need to telecommute on Tuesdays? Or dedicate midday hours to childcare? No problem. In 2009, Dominion is allotting roughly $2,000 and—even more impressive—two weeks per employee for training and development. "We're a consulting firm—we need to be a step ahead," says Rhodes.
ROLLER BAG NOT REQUIRED: Dominion's focus on mid-Atlantic businesses is designed to reduce travel demands. The result: more nights at home and company-sponsored Friday-afternoon outings to the Appalachians.


Dominion Digital is a regional process-and-technology-consulting firm known for rapidly delivering value for its clients and providing right-size solutions to complex business challenges. Known for process-and-technology leadership, Dominion Digital has helped scores of companies realize dramatic gains in business-process efficiency and productivity, employing high-caliber, seasoned professionals passionate about producing results for clients.

Team members are given the opportunity to manage their own schedules, and working hours that are conducive to their personal lives, assuming that it doesn't impact their ability to deliver to our clients. Being a technology firm, we are committed to enabling our employees to be successful outside of the office. Dominion Digital provides each team member with a laptop and reimburses business usage of cellular phones as well as home Internet service. Providing this benefit to employees allows them to be productive and efficient both inside the office and remotely… It's a no-cost perk that, we feel, increases productivity and enables Dominion Digital to help reduce energy consumption and emissions.

Dominion Digital encourages wellness for all employees and will reimburse team members up to $400 annually for memberships to a health club, YMCA, or other organization providing physical fitness and general wellness.

Dominion Digital is committed to supporting and enhancing our community—embracing this commitment as a duty and a privilege. The firm regularly sponsors community events and promotes a Matching Gift program. Team Dominion Digital is an annual community partner with Relay for Life, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, St. Baldricks' Foundation, and the Boys & Girls Club of Charlottesville, to name just a few.

From our open, collaborative office space and whiteboard walls to the superior benefits package and "family of co-workers," Dominion Digital has continued to provide its team members with an energetic and motivating environment for its employees. The company believes that by developing healthy relationships, we will establish sustainable success for all we serve—most notably, our employees. Making employee satisfaction and motivation a strategic priority every year, we employ consultants who share our vision and commitment to service, value, passion, excellence, teamwork, and respect. Each employee is personally vested in the continued success of the firm.

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