How I Did It

Career-Switching Case Studies


It used to be that work was what happened to you when you were busy making other plans (climbing Everest, floating the Nile). No longer. A new generation is finding ways to turn their passion into a rewarding career. Here are ten career-switching case studies of people who made it happen—and how you can, too.

Gregory Goode: Commercial Builder to Photographer
T. J. Sassani: Entrepreneur to Travel Innovator
Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin: Lawyer to Wilderness Instructor
Richard Jeo: Neruoscientist to Conservationist
Mikael Hanson: Investment Banker to Fitness Coach
Cliff Hodges: Electrical Engineer to Adventure Outfitter
Margie Shapiro: Teacher to Running-Shop Owner
Jordan Davidoff: Carpenter to Humanitarian Aid Worker
Jonah Smith and Palmer West: Filmmakers to Gear Makers

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