More Best Places to Work: DryCase

Waterproof case manufacturer

Outside Magazine's best jobs of 2012     Photo: Outside Magazine

Location: Wilmington, North Carolina
Number of employees: 15
Digs: Sitting a stones throw from the beaches on the southeastern coast of North Carolina, the office was designed with a completely open layout—no walls and enormous bay doors that are left open nine months out of the year.
Culture: Casual is an understatement. Many times you'll find sales reps closing a deal while skating around the parking lot talking on their cell phones. Extremely flexible schedules also mean that when the weather is good for surfing employees can run off to the beach. On a day-to-day basis, employees burn off the rare stress build-ups with basketball, Frisbee and skateboarding.
Sweet Perks: Sales trips often turn into company-sponsored surf vacations and mountain biking adventures. Plus, there’s plenty of Friday cookouts with fresh seafood—often from an employee who went out spear fishing or crabbing that morning.
Now Hiring: Sales representative, among other positions

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