Oakley Inc.

Foothill Ranch, CA, 2,309 Employees

EYES ON THE PRIZE: Answers on this eyewear-and-apparel giant's questionnaire sounded like hyperbole: "Our unique, playful spirit can be found throughout our unconventional headquarters." But it's all true. Oakley's 400,000-square-foot fortress runs on geothermal power and is home to a sprawling fitness center, 400-seat theater, and an army of employees who can "test eyewear" on the surrounding motocross track or nearby trails.


Based in Orange County, California, Oakley was created to serve the demands of world-class athletes, and they are the DNA of the company's brand culture. Oakley has a very laid-back Southern California vibe that consists of a young and extremely active workforce. Employees are very passionate about what they do and enjoy the anti-policy, sports-focused work environment. Oakley earned its heritage of authenticity in the sports world by reinventing products from scratch, achieving superior quality and genuine innovation that delivers the unexpected. The company's headquarters is a true reflection of this, with a one-of-a-kind design that leaves many visitors questioning when it was built.

The 400,000-square-foot headquarters sits atop a hill across the street from Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, with views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island on a good day and beautiful rolling hills on a bad day. On the drive up to the front entrance, you will pass a motocross track, paved jogging trail, and helipad. Once you reach the traffic circle, you will notice a giant torpedo placed in the center as a landmark, surrounded by the company's custom sports marketing trucks. Inside the building, the lobby features cathedral-style ceilings, flat-screen TVs, explosive-proof light,s and B-52 ejector seats in the waiting area. Oakley has a newly remodeled fitness center with free weights, weight machines, cardio machines, flexibility balls, flat-screen TVs, showers, and lockers. Employees use their lunch break to mountain-bike across the street at Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park, and Oakley provides on-site bike storage. In the cafeteria, there are more flat-screen TVs and a Ping-Pong table for impromptu competitions.

Summer bonfires can be found at Oakley's giant fire pit in the back patio, along with a mini-car racetrack. Oakley's 400-seat hi-tech theater is the ideal venue for action sports industry movie premieres. Impromptu concerts by visiting musicians or Olympic athlete sightings can happen any day of the week in Oakley's hallways. Dogs and kids are a welcome addition as well. Individuality and self-expression can be found throughout the building and in employees' extreme cubicles. Because Oakley is rooted in sports, it attracts many outdoor enthusiasts and ex–pro athletes who form running, cycling, mountain-biking and walking groups that use the facility and surrounding area to work out before/during/after work. Oakley also has a softball team in the Action Sports Softball League that competes against other companies in the action sports industry.

There is no dress code at Oakley. Flip-flops and boardshorts are encouraged.

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