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NICE PACKAGE: "Work-life balance is ingrained in our culture," says Sam Mix, associate marketing manager. Osprey starts employees out at three weeks' vacation (they can build to over a month), grants a floating "powder day" in winter, and pays employees to bike or walk to work and to volunteer. In 2008, their Volunteer Incentives Program supported employees, who participated in 13 projects, where they did things like build trails. "When people get out of the office, they bring positive energy back into work," says Mix. ospreypacks.com


From its humble beginnings building custom backpacks and sleeping bags in Santa Cruz, California, to its current recognition as an industry leader, Osprey has always flown its own course. Our mission is to create innovative, high-performance gear that reflects a love of adventure and a devotion to the outdoors and the environment. Based in Cortez, Colorado, Osprey has more than 35 years of technical pack-making and design experience.

Discount ski passes are offered to Osprey employees, and all employees were awarded bikes in 2007. There are company-supported daily stretch and walking breaks, as well as lockers, bicycle parking, and shower facilities offered to every Team Member. Plus our unique location near world-class trail systems allow for trail runs and biking direct from Osprey Headquarters. Osprey pays for Rec Center and outdoor pool passes, allowing free access to these facilities. Sustainable Transportation Initiative pays $1 per day, encouraging Team Members to walk, run, or bike to work.

The Osprey Volunteer Incentive Program allows every Osprey Team Member eight paid hours per year to volunteer either on company-organized volunteer projects or on approved volunteer projects under their own volition. Osprey also encourages its Team Members to go above and beyond, building a true culture of volunteerism. 2008 saw the program complete 13 separate and wildly varying volunteer projects donating approximately 240 hours of community service.

Osprey base time off becomes available after a 90-day probationary period, allowing the new Osprey Team Member almost three weeks of vacation during the first year. Additionally, eight paid holidays are added to the mix, for just about one month off per year to start. Osprey also strives to achieve a healthy work-life balance by providing Team Members with a floating "powder day" holiday, allowing people to time this day off with a big snowstorm!

The Osprey Outings Team organizes several extended and overnight outdoor trips per year. This season alone, we did a raft trip of the Lower Dolores River in southwestern Colorado, a backcountry ski trip to the Ridgway Hut in the San Juan Mountains, and a canyoneering trip in the canyons of southwestern Utah. One of the reasons Osprey is headquartered between the canyonlands of Utah and the Rocky Mountains is not only because of the extensive product testing options available but also because of the quality of life that our big backyard offers.

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