The 30 Best Places to Work: TrackVia

Online service that helps non-technical businesses build their own custom applications to do their work, instead of buying generic software

Outside Magazine's best jobs of 2012     Photo: Outside Magazine

Location: Denver, Colorado
Number of employees: 22
 A flat converted into an office with a full working kitchen, showers, washer and dryer, just one block from Union Station and Coors Field.
Culture: Passionate, fun, fast. The company’s mantra, "treat people like adults,” allows employees to decide what they want to wear and the hours they want to work (as long as they get all they’re work done, they can set their schedule as they see fit).
Sweet Perk: Unlimited vacation time, an annual $500 scholarship awarded to employees to pursue their personal passion (skiing, mountain biking, travel, etc.), and free public transportation for each employee.
Now Hiring: Product development-Software engineering; marketing; sales

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