Virgin HealthMiles

Framingham, MA, 50 Employees

THE BEST MEDICINE: This division of the Richard Branson empire creates wellness programs for other businesses. Fortunately for employees here, Virgin "walks the walk," says marketing manager Katie Tierney. Employees can earn $400 in rewards by participating in the award-winning wellness program (natch), spend workday hours in the fitness center or on the indoor running track, and telecommute one day per week.


Virgin HealthMiles provides employee health programs that pay people to get active. The company's award-winning, Pay-for-Prevention™ approach, based on physical activity and healthy lifestyle change, attracts an average of 40 percent of employees who participate, which helps organizations reduce medical costs and improve employee productivity and satisfaction. Virgin HealthMiles focuses on getting members active and engaged in being healthy so they can adopt long-term healthy behaviors that will positively impact their company's bottom line.

Employees are eligible for both individual and corporate performance-based bonuses twice during the fiscal year. Additionally, employees have the opportunity to earn cash rewards with our corporate wellness program. If employees participate in our wellness program and reach a key milestone in the program (Level 4 of 5), we cover 80 percent of their health insurance costs, and that benefit carries over to the next year.

As a provider of corporate health and wellness programs, we believe strongly in "walking the talk." We offer an on-site fitness center and a running track, and we encourage employees to be active throughout the day, whether they'd like to use the fitness center, take a few laps on the track, or go outside for a walk. Additionally, through our health insurer, employees who belong to a health club can receive up to $150 back each year.

We have recycling bins placed throughout the office and we ensure waste is properly recycled. We also have a kitchen fully stocked with dishes and silverware to eliminate unnecessary use of disposable products, and we actively monitor our carbon footprint and are reworking our product packaging to incorporate more renewable resources.

We allow our employees to work from home at least one day per week. We also offer flexible hours, and employees have the option to work compressed workweeks at the discretion of their department manager.

Virgin HealthMiles believes in making a difference for consumers and the communities in which we work. Any employee who wishes to participate in community service may receive the day off paid in full. Virgin HealthMiles actively participates in the initiatives of Virgin's charitable organization, Virgin Unite. Additionally, we sponsor internal step challenges with our employees in which they compete to raise money for causes. We also hold annual clothing, food, and toy drives and collect monetary donations to donate to the organization we raise awareness for each year. HealthMiles members can also choose to donate their rewards to charity.

We provide recognition and rewards at least annually, and do so on numerous occasions throughout the year for exemplary service at company meetings, monthly events, and via e-mail to the entire company. We also provide a "Star" award annually, in which the recipient is recognized for their exemplary service and receives an all-expense-paid trip to the U.K. meet with Sir Richard Branson. We also have quarterly lunches with the Virgin Group CEO, Stephen Murphy, to recognize outstanding employees and promote intracompany communication. Additionally, as part of the global Virgin Group, Virgin HealthMiles employees have access to group-wide discounts from partners for numerous products such as airline tickets, vacations, consumer products, and more.

Virgin HealthMiles is committed to recognizing and developing our employees and their active lifestyles, and we are committed to making a difference for our members, corporate clients, and the communities in which we work. We promote a fun, open, and collaborative atmosphere that places the emphasis on valuing and recognizing employees and their accomplishments, as well as corporate accomplishments. As part of the global Virgin Group, Virgin HealthMiles approaches everything we do in the spirit of the Virgin brand. Sir Richard Branson's world-renowned lifestyle brand is revered as the consumer's champion, and we always try to adhere to the core brand values of fun, value for money, quality, innovation, competitive challenge, and brilliant customer service. We are committed to providing unique experiences with fun, innovative, high-quality products and services, and believe that are employees are intregal in designing, developing and providing that experience for our customers.

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