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  • Sponsored Employee Events

    Photo: Courtesy of Hanson Dodge

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    Sponsored Employee Events

    Hanson Dodge Creative sponsors employee events nearly every month, including a trip to Ray's Indoor Mountain Bike Park, on-site laser tag, tricycle races, and more. Staff members also get 16 days of vacation a year after their first 12 months.

  • Yearly Whitewater-Rafting Trip

    Photo: Courtesy of Salt Communications

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    Yearly Whitewater-Rafting Trip

    Every summer, employees and family members at Salt Communications are treated to a whitewater rafting trip. Families are also invited to the company's annual meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho. Staff members get a one-month sabbatical for every five years of service at the company.

  • Unlimited Vacation

    Photo: Courtesy of TrackVia

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    Unlimited Vacation

    TrackVia has unlimited vacation time, so it's common to see employees taking extended vacations or one-off days to rest, relax, and enjoy the outdoors.

  • Free Vacations

    Photo: Courtesy of Natural Habitat Adventures

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    Free Vacations

    At Natural Habitat Adventures, vacation is on the boss: Employees get to take a trip offered by the company for no charge. After a year on the job, staff members get 15 days of PTO per year.

  • Three to Five Months of Vacation

    Photo: Courtesy of NatureBridge

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    Three to Five Months of Vacation

    Half of NatureBridge's employees work only seven to nine months out of the year, allowing them to travel extensively during their time off. After seven years, Nature Bridge will pay half of an employee's salary and all of their benefits for three months while they pursue a project of interest.

  • Trip to Belgium

    Photo: Courtesy of New Belgium

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    Trip to Belgium

    After five years on the job, employees at New Belgium get a paid trip to, you guessed it, Belgium. After ten years working the company, they're free to take a four-week paid sabbatical.

  • Free Adventure

    Photo: Courtesy of Adventure Life

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    Free Adventure

    At Adventure Life, full-time employees can experience one of the company's incredible trips firsthand each year.

  • Unlimited Vacation

    Photo: Courtesy of Human Movement

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    Unlimited Vacation

    Besides having a flexible schedule to work with, employees at Human Movement LLC have unlimited vacation days to use each year.

  • Adventure Fund

    Photo: Courtesy of ZOZI

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    Adventure Fund

    ZOZI has a flexible vacation policy, meaning it's applied on a case by case basis without any limit. The brand also shells out up to $400 per quarter to every employee for adventures and experiences.

  • Free Sailing Classes

    Photo: Courtesy of OCSC Sailing

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    Free Sailing Classes

    OCSC Sailing encourages its employees to take extended time off for adventures—and helps fund them. Workers also have access to the fleet of yachts and free sailing classes.